Omega 2.0 96 temp/compression prob HELP! - Daz

My Omega 2.0 has had over the last 6 months overheating problems leading to new head gasket, radiator, water pump, thermostat x2, electric fan switch, hose split x 2.

I have since taken it to a different garage that was recommended to be told the temp prob is normal!!

If when parking I take the pressure cap off after about 1 minute the water bubbles up and flows out of the expansion task like a volcano!

The AA bloke did this and said it was because there was too much compression in the engine.

Could somebody please advise me what to do next here?
Omega 2.0 96 temp/compression prob HELP! - Civic8
No expert on this car.but you did not mention whether the fan is also dont take pressure cap off that quickly.leave for at least 10/15 minutes for pressure to ease off-risk of scalding and losing pressurised water.Does it lose water without methods you mentioned.if fan gone or a compressed pipe will cause this but you need to find out if fan is I recall their is or was another thread on this.? could be wrong?
Omega 2.0 96 temp/compression prob HELP! - Daz
Just had a new fan switch fitted and fan cuts in now at about 100 whereas before it just span at low speed randomly.

I slowly took the cap off and it took about a minute before it boiled over (engine had been running whole time).

The problem is I am due to travel a long way tomorrow and am sceptical that the pressure which has already forced one hose off and split another has gone by simply fitting a new switch.

I really wanted to know whether or not the boil over is normal practice for this or any car?
Omega 2.0 96 temp/compression prob HELP! - Civic8
If you are still running the engine whilst undoing cap are getting a false reading ie water pressure at max do not do this you are asking for trouble and injury to answer you no it isnt but fail to see where you got the idea releasing pressure cap with engine running is going to help?
Omega 2.0 96 temp/compression prob HELP! - Daz
The AA guy that come out when the top hose split kept doing this and when it overflowed stated it was because there was too much compression in the enigne.

Hence why I decided to do this. Of course this could have been a ploy to encourage me to use his companies tow truck at a cost of £250??

Basically I want to know that the hose won't split again on a long journey i.e. 3 hours.
Omega 2.0 96 temp/compression prob HELP! - Civic8
Sorry I cant answer for is unlikely a hose will split unless severely worn/split already.fraid he/she/ was wrong in doing that,ps as a matter of safety dont do it again.scalding is painfull and doing what you did wont help.? I did mention before a thread on this though not sure it will help.
Omega 2.0 96 temp/compression prob HELP! - RobertH
the info you have had is spot on dont touch the cap till cooled down. they are designed to boil up that is why its called an expansion tank unless the needle on the temp guage is in the red dont worry the hose will have gone because it was perished probaly.
as regards pressure build up the expansion tank should have taken care of this you may need a new cap just check that the fan runs when the engine gets too hot let it tick over in front of a obstacle i e wall fence and see when the pump kicks in and position of your temp needle .
I think you are worrying needlesly


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