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Best web site for 'Route Planning' - Rodney

Me again!

What is the best UK motoring web site for route/journey planning. I have been trying a few this evening but was not overly impressed.

The AA - Quite good. Bit fusy about some of the locations I entered. Also difficult to get it to avoid particular locations.

Green Flag - Awful. I seem to recall this site was very good in the past. But for some reason this evening it kept running some American style route planner (MapBlast) which was ridiculous for a UK journey.

The RAC - Poor. As it could not find my starting location, which was an area of London!

Was fed up by now. What are your views?

Re: Best web site for 'Route Planning' - Andy Bairsto
I use these things called maps they are normally quiet good and you can take them with you
Re: Best web site for 'Route Planning' - Nick Ireland
I think Rodney wants to be able to plan, including info on hold ups, road works etc, which maps don't show. 2222 on Vodaphone or 1200 on Cellnet give up to date info which I think they get from Trafficmaster.
Re: Best web site for 'Route Planning' - Ian M

I use It is a european route planner site but works in the UK pretty well. Go to the home page, click on 'plan your route' but make sure you as well as the town/postcode you put England in the start/destination sections and also change the defaults from km to miles.

Re: Best web site for 'Route Planning' - John Davis
I don't work for (or have shares in ) but I can recommend the PC magazine "Computeractive and, my latest copy, issue 96, has an article on "Travel Technology" which explains some of the electronic aids, and details some tel number which will aoutomatically send updats to your mobile while on route.
Re: Best web site for 'Route Planning' - Jonathan
I use this one as well.

Very good, as gives you a step by step journey plan (travel for 15 miles leave at junction X, turn left at roundabout etc).

You can also set travel stop offs, and fastest routes etc.

Re: Best web site for 'Route Planning' - Darcy Kitchin
Give this French sit a try,
Re: Best web site for 'Route Planning' - Alyn Beattie
There is quite a good route planner on my own website.

You have to register under the My World link to gain access. Hope this helps
Re: Best web site for 'Route Planning' - budu
Others to try: (whose maps I prefer),, and The Michelin service featured in yesterday's "Telegraph". To get you out of the clutches of motorway petrol and food sharks, use
Re: Best web site for 'Route Planning' - pugugly
I work for and used to have shares in Railtrack, maybe they should have enlisted a good routeplanner site, or we wouldn't be where we are today.
Re: Best web site for 'Route Planning' - Colin M
My favourite is as it produces a detailed itinerary complete with the full description of each exit sign. You can configure it to your day and driving style to work out route timings and fuel stops.

On the laptop, I use Autoroute, which is excellent for £50 and accepts an input from my handheld GPS so when I get lost, I can pull over and activate it, within a couple of minutes it identifies the exact street I'm parked in.


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