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Seat Toledo Rattle - matstro
We run a Seat Toledo TDI W reg. When driving along, especially over light bumps in road, theres a persistant and annoying rattle coming from from drivers side corner of car.

If you aim a kick at the drivers front wheel, you can hear a sort of metallic rattle coming from the front hub area. I've jacked the car and removed this wheel but can't find anything loose apart from very slight play in steering rack (passed MOT a month ago).

As I said, when you kick the wheel, you hear what I'm sure is this rattle. If you wedge a screwdriver between the brake caliper and one of the holes in the ally wheel and then kick the wheel = no rattle. If when driving, as soon as you brake the rattle goes. Let the brake off, and the rattle returns.

I'm feeling it must be something to do with the brakes but nothings obviously loose. Someone said it may be a wheel bearing, but theres only very slight play and thats seems to be the rack wear anyway.

Being Seat, the running gear is basically VW.

Any ideas anyone??????

Thanks in advance
Seat Toledo Rattle - Civic8
Could be backplate behind disc vibrating.just a thought?
Seat Toledo Rattle - Civic8
I dont know the car.but it sounds a little unusual are you sure it isnt a slight knock.Kicking the wheel wont really show any probs due to tyre absorbing shock.wheel bearings usually whine when on way out but their are exceptions to the rule.from what you said could well be wheel bearing as when brake is applied the disc is straightened to a degree so stopping the noise.could be wrong?
Seat Toledo Rattle - Aprilia
Brake pad rattling in caliper?
Seat Toledo Rattle - matstro
When you kick the wheel hard (ie the tyre) theres definately a metallic rattle (like theres something "loose") around the hub area and I would imagine this is the noise I'm hearing on driving the car. I havn't cheacked whether theres a pad loose within the caliper, I'll take a look tomorrow.

The rattling noise that appears when driving happens even on smoothish roads. It definately sounds like something is rattling rather than worn. Its a bit of a puzzle to hear such a definate sound and find nothing when having a prod about!
Seat Toledo Rattle - matstro
Another thing, I'm getting a very heavy intrusive brake squeal ( very loud) from the same wheel. Maybe this is a clue?

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