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VR6 water leakes - alastair fraser
Has anyone experienced water leaks from the plastic manifold -front nearside of the engine. Does anyone know where or if there is a drain tap/point for coolant on the VR6
Re: VR6 water leakes - honestjohn
There is a cylinder head gasket problem with the VR6, mainly because the gasket has to cover a huge area. If you suffer coolant loss with a VR6, DON'T KEEP DRIVING THE CAR because what can then happen is you get water in one of the bores which results in an over lean mixture and burns out a piston.

Re: Head Gaskets - dafydd tomos
Why is the Headgasket such a common failure on a number of cars??
You would think that with the availability of modern materials that the manufacturers would have cracked it a long time ago.

Apart from using a good coolant ( suggest MBenz coolant changed every year to preserve the Headgaskets on SAAB 900's which are known for blowing gaskets at around 90k there seems to be no way to prevent headgasket failure.
Re: Head Gaskets - Keith Corless
Just been told by my friendly Rover service manager that head gasket has blown on my Nov '97 Rover Sterling 2.5, it just having done the phenomenal mileage of 57K, and having had full dealer service history. Even worse he tells me that because the engine block has suffered erosion, I'll need a new engine (£4,500). I gave up a 250,000 mile '86 Scorpio for this.
I understand this is not an unusual occurence with the K-engine
Sounds like I'm in a hole, the car itself would probably only fetch between £8-10K (you'll be lucky did I hear someone say!!)
How do I get out of this mess, with any semblance of financial dignity.
Otherwise, a lovely car, but I can certainly do without this headache.
Ideas would be welcome.
Re: VR6 water leakes - alastair fraser
Thanks, re the head gasket, but the leak appears to be from around the plastic manifold - replaced recently but still seems to show signs of dried antifreeze (pink) around & under it - I will be taking it back to VW who diagnosed the manifold as the problem but all the old symptoms are still there hence the question to the wider motoring fraternity to see if there was an inherent issue with the manifold.

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