Scratches - Wight Van Manne
I have a silver car and I have just incurred a "J" shape scratch about 4 inches long on the driver side of the bodywork on the side of the boot area.

It is scratched through to the "white" primer (?) underneath.

If I use spit and rub it on, the scratch disappears temporarily. Obviously when the saliva dries, the scratch reappears.

What is a good solution to removing this. I am loath to use touch up paint because that looks crap, but that may be my application of it!

Can anyone help?

Re: Scratches - Robert
What make car? I have the same problem!
Re: Scratches - Wight Van Manne
Toyota Avensis, silver metallic.
Scratches - David Lacey
Try one of the excellent smart paint repairers - try the yellow pages.

We have a guy who is mobile and comes from some 40 miles distant.
The magic he can perform on cars which would have had to have full bumper resprays in our bodyshop is nothing short of superb. He has a compressor in his van with a full Dupont colour mixing scheme - there is not much he cannot cope with.

I think a place has just opened up in town is called Scuffs - a sort of smart repair bodyshop - dealing with dings, dents and scratches.

If anybody is within 40 miles of Exeter, I will pass on his details.


Re: Scratches - David Woollard

You're not thinking of Guy's hairdressers.........Scruffs??

Re: Scratches - richard price
I have used SCUFFS of EXETER for rear bumper repair on my boxster when the main dealer (Bodyshop) wanted to replace the complete bumper - results for repair and subsequent paintwaork very good, they have a site
Re: Scratches - Dan
I'm thinking about using the SCUFFS branch in Ipswich for some stone chip and scratch repair etc... Any words of wisdom or warning from anyone with exp of these guys?
Re: Scratches - Dwight Van-Driver
After all these years have I found a long lost relative?
(Sorry BRM (Back Room Martyn) for my levity do not want to be another CH

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