1998 Honda Civic Dashboard - `piebaps
Afternoon All and Seasons Greetings too.

A colleague has bought a 1998 Civic LSI but did not get a handbook. A yellow dashboard light is now lit and she doesn't know why.

She describes the symbol as a circle with a vertical line touching the left hand edge and a horizontal line touching the top edge. She also says that the light comes on when the ignition is turned on and remains on after the engine is started.

Any civic owners out there who are familiar with this?
1998 Honda Civic Dashboard - El Hacko
should your colleague not be ringing a Honda dealer to 1) obtain a handbook, and 2) to check out the display?
1998 Honda Civic Dashboard - `piebaps
Thanks for the help Ebeneezer!

We live on an Island and our local dealer is closed until 5 Jan. Thought I would seek some advice from these pages which had helped me out last summer.

I was encouraged by the helpful attitude shown by the users of these pages and impressed that nobody took the mickey because of my lack of mechanical knowledge.

You have restored my faith (or rather lack of faith) in human nature.

Have a Happy New Year yourself!
1998 Honda Civic Dashboard - El Hacko
full story now understood - don't lose faith

No Man Is An Island
1998 Honda Civic Dashboard - Dynamic Dave
No idea what the symbol means, but the first thing I would do is pop the bonnet and check the obvious fluid levels. Brake, oil, radiator water, windscreen water, etc. Next I would look through the front wheels and see if there's any meat left on the brake pads.
1998 Honda Civic Dashboard - DL
I'm lost on this one - any chance of a diagram from the owner?
groups.msn.com/honestjohn/problems.msnw?Page=1 - Pictures say a thousand words.....
1998 Honda Civic Dashboard - No Do$h
It sounds like the engine management "limp home" warning light, common to the Honda engined 96-99 Rover 400 and the honda of a similar age. The engine is portrayed as nearly circular with a line at the front to indicate the rad or similar IIRC.

The Amber light indicates that it is not an "instant stop" but more of an "attention required at next stop".

It could signal the failure of the Cat or the Lambda sensor or, heaven forbid, the ECU itself. I would put money on it being related to the emissions (cat/sensors).

Would not recommend driving car until you have a chance to check as if just the Lambda sensor, the car will rapidly destroy the Cat and may spike the ECU. (From bitter experience......)
1998 Honda Civic Dashboard - `piebaps
Spot on No Dosh!

Just got hold of a handbook which confirms your theory. Car is now heading for the workshop.

Many thanks to everyone who replied. Even El Hacko! I kept the faith!

Happy New Year Chaps.
1998 Honda Civic Dashboard - El Hacko
good to hear (in both mechanical and faith aspects) - hope rectification isn't too painful, PB.

A Decent New Year to You & All
1998 Honda Civic Dashboard - No Do$h
Happy to have helped.


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