Golf MK 2 No. PlateLightLens Removal - Halmer
Only a minor issue I know but one of the bulbs has gone.

The screws are so corroded that I can\'t get the lens off to replace the bulb.

How do I get at it. If I have to break the lens to get at the bulb can I still buy a lens because it seemed difficult enough to me to buy a part for a 1998 Golf never mind a 1986 one.

GOLF MK 2 No. PlateLightLens Removal - Roger Jones
If you're not yet a member of a Golf II owners club, it would probably be worthwhile, especially for such questions as this, including sources of scarce parts. I know from my membership of the Capri (mine is 1984) and M-B clubs that these subs cost only about £30 a year (magazines included), and the value increases as the car gets older and the spares and expertise more difficult to find. You may find one on this site in Directories: Honest John's list of Car Clubs in the UK; alternatively, try Googling it.

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