Renault UK Repair Problems - Heathside
I am somewhat annoyed at Renault UK for their inability to provide common spares for the Espace. I was involved in an accident in May this year and 7 months later I am still waiting for an interior pannel with no explanation as to the delay or why. My car is only 4 years old! What can I do about it?
They do not even respond to my letters! The local dealer ignores the issue as well.

Highly stressed - Suggestions welcomed
Renault UK Repair Problems - T Lucas
Have you tried to source a used part or maybe a French dealer?If you could source it this way you could then bill the ins co.
Renault UK Repair Problems - Ivor E Tower
Sorry but I have same sort of experience with Renault UK to report. In Sep 1998 I bought a new Scenic - was due to collect the car on a Saturday and start a motoring holiday on the Monday. Dealer phoned me on the Friday evening to say that "my" Renault was affected by a factory recall of suspect driveshafts and that Renault UK had told them I was not allowed to collect the car. No loan cars were available in place. Very peeved I phoned Renault UK ; phone call not returned because Customer Services bloke had dental appointment and didn't have time to call me back. Supplying dealer went out of their way to help and hired me a Ford Mondeo from a local co as they had no more Renault loan cars available! Renault UK, when pressed, gave me a set of roof bars in compensation but I still had to wait about 3 weeks for the replacement driveshaft to be shipped to the dealer and fitted. Based on this experience, I'd buy another car from that dealer but based on Renault UK's attitude and poor back-up, doubt that I will buy a Renault again. Your experience seems to reinforce my opinions.
Contrast this to some other manufacturers' ability to supply spares - eg a few years ago my parents needed an obscure spare for a Volvo that was about 20 years old - main dealer had one in stock! - even a replacement dashboard clock was available within 3 working days.

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