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Hello, I'm a newbie to this site. Omega 2.2 CD Auto, 2002 reg.
Tramlining is the worst I've ever felt, plus steering wheel is 5 degrees right of centre. SWMBO refuses to drive it on rural roads! and I keep 2 hands on the wheel. Tyres are P7 225/55R16 V95 12K miles, so not badly worn (though have been overinflated in the past). VX dealer advises that steering/suspension is Ok, and advises me to replace tyres with others that are non-directional. ie do not have to be fitted with outer side out, or fitted with arrow going in driving direction.
They advise steering wheel can be centred if and when steering gets retracked. 1. Am I getting fobbed off even tho' warranty still applies? 2. Are there better tyres out there that cope with tramlining.? 3. Is off-centre steering wheel suspicious of other damage?
thanks, Tony
Omega tramlining & tyres - Dynamic Dave
Firstly, welcome to the site Tony.

If you click on the forum search (where you log in/out) and enter "tramlining" into the Message Body window, then select Technical Matters from the drop down menu, you will find plenty of Omega tramlining threads.
Omega tramlining & tyres - Sooty Tailpipes
Mine never did this with Pirelli P6000s, but with Goodyear Eagle F1s it does, quite badly too on our third world roads with worn troughs. Recently I needed new front tyres, I have been so impressed with the F1s grip, I got two more (on the front) at first not a hint of tramlining, but 2 months later - now they're worn -in, it's as bad as before.

Next I will try another tyre with a more conservative and non-directional tread, such as NCT 5, but not P7s after what you've said!
Omega tramlining & tyres - smokie
Awww...takes me back to my First Ever Post here...

I cured that problem when I changed all 4 tyres - they really weren't that close to needing it. I put on BF Goodrich tyres which were the right price for me. As it turned out, they were a good tyre, grippy and seemed to last a while.

Have since changed again to Avons (following a blowout) and so far they do not tramline, although I have a noise from the front wheels which my mech says might simply be the tyre. He has an Omega and plans to lend me his wheels for a day...!!!
Omega tramlining & tyres - brianrh
Interesting that you too are finding Avon tyres noisy.

I have four Avon ZV1s on my Vectra and thought a few weeks ago that the n/s rear wheel bearing was going, even though the noise didn't change on corners.

I swapped tyres front and back and now the car is a lot quieter than it was but the Avons still seem extremely noisy on rough road surfaces.

Omega tramlining & tyres - Bilgewater
I had a problem with tramlining on my Mondeo with Continental Premium Contact tyres.
I've replaced them with Goodyear Eagle NCT5 which so far are much better.
The steering at parking speeds is also much lighter.
Omega tramlining & tyres - Sooty Tailpipes
After my post above, I sent an complaint email to Goodyear, I'll post their reply on here.
Omega tramlining & tyres - Cyd
Interesting that Sooty found the F1s bad enough to complain. I run a Rover 820 Vitesse Sport (the later version with 200hp, close ratio box, torsen diff and very stiff suspension). It had Uniroyals on when I bought it from the previous owner - even in the dry it was hard to keep in a straight line when overtaking hard, in the wet it was a nightmare; despite the massive performance I nearly wished for my old 827 back!!

I changed to F1s (they are 215/45 ZR17 size) and so far have not looked back. The tyres are worlds apart from the Uniroyals. Not only has the tramlining almost disappeared (on all but the worst roads) but the Torsen cuts in about 75% less even when overtaking hard in the wet in the Leics/Warks lanes. The ABS threshold in the wet is as good as the Uniroyals were in the dry and the nose heavy slithering about it used to do has gone completely. The tyres are now about half worn (I rotate) and I have noticed no loss of performance yet.

Wonder if the percieved difference could be related to RWD vs FWD? Maybe these tyres suit FWD better?

My car came out of the factory with Dunlop SP8000s - I intend to try SP9000s next. I know a Porsche, Mini Cooper S and MG TF with these on and all three have good reports (2 RWD and 1 FWD here).
Omega tramlining & tyres - Chad.R
FWIW - I've recently had* to change from a set of 4 205/65R15 BF Goodrich "Profile G"s to a set of 225/55R16 Michelin Primacys on my Omega 3.0 Elite.

Tramlining was virtually non-existant with the 205s, the 225s, however have introduced a certain degree of it. Now I have to keep my hands firmly on the wheel to avoid any surprises.

I would imagine that this effect is even more pronounced when running on 235/45R17 rubber as fitted to the MV6 and newer Elite models.

Incidentally, my E34 5 series on 235/45R17's (fitted with Avon ZZ1's and GY F1's over the years) has never suffered from this unless the road suface is really bad.


* Subject of another thread....
Omega tramlining & tyres - SpamCan61 {P}
My V6 estate with 225s does tramline badly; but the 2.0 with 205s I use for commuting doesn't tramline at all; so it certainly seems to be a function of tread width.
Omega tramlining & tyres - Sooty Tailpipes
Well, Goodyear telephoned earlier, and discussed the problem.
He said he thought it would be due to the profile of the tyre rather than the tread pattern, the width of the tread is very flat and the load evenly distributed across it, and the sidewalls relatively straight, he says it is a very high traction tyre (which I very much agree with) but a tradeoff is this problem on my car, which is probably to do with it's dynamics.
He said the NCT5 is designed as a comfort tyre and may not be prone to this but he couldn't say for sure, as he would be talking out of his tree.

He was very helpful and honest (no spin or excuses)

Well, I told him I was very pleased with these tyres aprt from that, and that the government was really to blame for allowing the roads to become so third world.

Looks like I'll try NCT5s next unless something else takes my fancy!

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