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Back on the dim and distant 10th September, Tim P started a 46 message thread about getting into motoring Journalism. Well here's his chance (and anyone else's for that matter). None other than The Daily Telegraph is running a Young Motoring Writer of the Year Competition. You've got to be 17 to 25, you can't already be a professional writer and you have to write a 1,000 word feature on 'The Future of Motoring'. It must not be more than 1,000 words (and if you can make it EXACTLY 1,000 words, then that's good practice for the editing discipline you will need). It has to be typewritten. You must include your fuill name, age, address, daytime telephone number and state whether you hold a full or provisional driving licence. You must send your entry to 'Young Motoring Writer of The Year' award, The Daily Telegraph Motoring Desk, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DT, and it must get there on or before Friday 30th November. If you win, your entry will be published in Telegraph Motoring and on . You'll also get a trophy, advanced driving tuition and a commission from The Daily Telegraph to write one or more further stories. Good luck everyone. I'll also post this in the website news.

Re: Young Motoring Writer of the Year - David Woollard
Good experience for those that qualify.

I'm "virtually" 25 of course.

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Re: Young Motoring Writer of the Year - Darcy Kitchin
What units are you using, hexadecimal?
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There should be a category for younger kids, they couldn't win a driving course, but a model or something suitable.

My two (5 & 8) are more insightful, and often make more sense than a certain well known poster :0) ahh the refreshing naivety.

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