VW variable servicing - shoei
I own a 03 Golf and I am wondering when it should be serviced, it is set up on the VW variable servicing, I have read the handbook but have got conflicting times. What will the computer diplay say when it needs servicing?, does it need servicing at 10000 miles-1 year even if the display says nothing? and what is the maximum before service, 20000 miles-two years?
VW variable servicing - borasport20
VAG handbooks are not the clearest to follow - I used to have a polo, then a bora, now a skoda octavia, and all seem to have been translated by computer- i.e. most of the words can be understood, but not many of the sentences make sense. Indeed, I suspect someone with a better knowledge of english grammar would point out that they are not even sentences.

but back to your question - the service indicator will start to light up and 'bing' at you every time you start the car, from 2000 miles (or is it k's) before the service is due (and when you are only doing 200 miles a week, thats an annoying ten weeks)

Also, I read the manual to say if you are set for 'long life service A (QG1)' 'You must take your vehicle to a regular inspection no later than 2 years or 30,000km (petrol) 50,000 km (diesel)

I'd say (and i bet HJ would agree) that if you aren't going to get a service in in the first 12 months, you would be advised to change the oil irrespective of what VAG say, and for that you are going to shell out about £10 a litre for Castrol SLX Longlife II (but don't take any of this as gospel)

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VW variable servicing - Cardew
My Golf 1.8t Gti and daughters Polo 1.4 have the service indicater light come on way before the recommended service intervals - as Borasport says most annoying.

As we both do over 10K miles PA we both stick to the service intervals in the book eg 10k miles for oil change minor service and 20k for major service.

The 10k service in VW agents is a rip off for what is basically a oil change. As soon as daughters car was 3 years old took it to a local Peugeot garage and it was done for under half the price including a 'free' MOT and handbook stamped.
VW variable servicing - pdc {P}
With variable servicing you take it in when the car tells you to, which depends on your driving style. With fixed servicing it is every 10,000 miles.

Am quite chuffed at the moment as just had 4 new tyres put on the passat, cost covered by the VW tyre maintainance plan at just £7 per month. That's 6 tyres it's had in 13 months. Not bad for £91, which is probably the price of just 1 tyre

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