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Dear Honest John

I am changing my car and now want to purchase an estate. I have no idea which one to go for. I need it to be reliable (I travel from London to Lands End each week - female alone - I really don't want to break down on the moors!).

I've always driven small, fast (ish!) cars. Should I think about a Turbo Diseal? Does diseal really mean cheaper now for long journeys?

Any recommendations, I have about £6,000 to work with - so it will have to be older.


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If you want to talk to honestjohn why not email him direct. See above top left.
Most my friends like the Pergeot cars. Diesels are now quiet on the move and the City diesel smells less on filling than does petrol. Diesel usually more reliable as more solid engines than petrol. No catalyst!
Turbodiesel can wear out impellor bearing if you do not follow instructions and let turbo fry on switch off. I would stick to plain and ordinary diesel.
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Try and find a good VW Passat. Avoid "city diesel" unless you are going to put Millers Dieselpower in every fillup to protect the injector pump.
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Are additives neccesary? I've driven turbodiesels for the last 5 years (approx 30 000 miles per year = 150 000 miles), I use the cheapest diesel I can buy, no probs. (although the high pressure common railers seem to leak fuel).
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When city diesel first came out I found it halved the noise and also halved the smoke in the old perkins 1.9l diesel LDV200, when compared with ordinary diesel. I found it easier to get through the MOT smoke test!
I spoke to a turbodiesel driver. He said city diesel was OK but reduced the power output. All the major petrol stations seem to have changed diesel to be "greener" like city diesel.
Having had a recommendation above, I will try Millers Diesel Power plus and see if it makes a difference. It adds about 1.2p/litre.
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