Best time to buy at auction - now? - MichaelR
Would I be correct in my assumption that now would be a better time to be buying at auction rather than in January?

My thinking being that nobody wants to buy a car close to Christmas, and traders dont want to buy cars to have sitting around...
Best time to buy at auction - now? - Civic8
Having a mate that buy`s from them That isn`t the problem it`s finding a descent car to get and sell the market apears very slow but then you would be surprised at the rubbish on the market.And the things some do to sell a car at auction.but still you will need to find out yourself.can be a loss maker.big time
Best time to buy at auction - now? - No Do$h
It's why I picked my car up in December last year. The dealer (late used and new imports only) had hardly shifted anything since mid November and you could see them salivating when I popped in there. I got a right bargain by wandering in with the cash. It doesn't just apply to auctions, dealers have overheads every month, their bank manager doesn't give them a break at Christmas.

I paid well under retail for it and have put 24k on it this year. I checked the retail prices being asked at dealers for similar cars with the same kind of mileage last month and they are only £250 less than I paid a year ago, and I got a 2 year warranty thrown in when I mentioned I might be looking elsewhere. Obviously I am not going to get dealer retail for mine, not by a long chalk, but it's still a tidy way of saving some pennies!
Best time to buy at auction - now? - Vansboy
It seems to be fairly obvious to me, when the 'bargains' appear, it's always.........

When you've got plenty of stock!

Or when you've already paid £$£$£$ more, for a similar vehicle the day before!

Or when you drive away from the sale saying 'that was cheap, I should have bought that one!!'

Or if I'd entered a trade-in, that stood me in at a fortune more than some lucky so & so's just bid for it!!

Or if I've missed the one in hall 1 & I'm in hall 2!!

I'll get me coat!!


Best time to buy at auction - now? - No Do$h
I'll get me coat!!

Camel Hair with matching trilby?
Best time to buy at auction - now? - Vansboy
Day-Glo yellow & Thinsulate wooly hat today!!

It's a bit chilly out there!!

Best time to buy at auction - now? - SmartBuyer
Now on my second car bought through an auction agent; first one two years ago, last one two weeks ago.

Can't really fault the service; just gave the guy a description of the cars that I wanted after arranging a few test drives at local dealerships to try out the relevant models/years. When something came up at auction he gave me a call a few days before the sale and I gave a conditional yes to buy.

First car was a '98 Saab 9-3 TiD SE with all the bits (Thanks Honest John for the info on your site, have not had more that a couple of minor niggles on the car since I bought it). Got about 20% of the dealer price, probably more. Second car was a MCC Smart Passion. Again, no problems. You just have to trust that they are acting in your best interests; I did and was not disappointed.

For those interested his site is:


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