Golf V6 4Motion - James Milne
Anyone out there know of any problems with latest Golfs steering/pulling to the left, when no camber on road etc.

I've a new 4Motion which 2 VW dealers have tried to cure of this problem, but to no avail, merely saying it's within VW tolerances. The car is fitted with the Santa Monica alloys and sports suspension. But you have to constantly keep the wheel pulled to the right of the self-centering position, which makes driving tiring at the very least. Tyres/wheels have been swapped around, but no improvement, so restored to original position.

Any thoughts, anyone?
Re: Golf V6 4Motion - honest john
Take it to Micheldever Tyres and have the suspension re-aligned.

Golf V6 4Motion - David Lacey

Has the car been on a 'proper' 4 wheel alignment jig?
I'm sure this (expensive) machinery is part of VAG Dealer Standards.

The pull you are getting can be extremely annoying and tiresome.
Make sure all four wheels have been aligned to factory specs.
It could even be something to do with the complicated 4 Wheel Drive system - perhaps one of the differential units not set up correctly?

If the dealers you have used are unhelpful, then a pertinent and factual letter to VAG UK in Milton Keynes is called for. A 'Sorry, we are unable to fix it' reply at the Dealership is simply unacceptable these days.

Rgds (and let us know how you get on)

Re: Golf V6 4Motion - Dwight Van-Driver
Anybody else noticed the increased 'tramping' of road surfaces as vehicles, particularly heavies, wear groves in the surface. As your driving along you drop into these and wonder why your steering wanders. Some stretches my Disco can go onto auto steer.
Seems L.A's are strapped for cash and delaying road maintenance.
Worn out roads - David Lacey
You could drive northbound on the nearby M5 for some distance on the inside lane without using the steering wheel, until they resurfaced it.
The ruts were clearly visible in wet weather - the rain pooled up in the ruts.

If you didn't expect it, this could be quite disconcerting at speed.

Inner lane grooves. - David Woollard
Similarly the A14/(604) from Huntingdon to Cambridge was terrible about ten years ago.

In the wet the inside lane HGV groves filled to effectively made aquaplane test channels. In many areas it was dam near impossible to drive over 50mph along these in heavy rain. Pity the unwary who pulled over from the outside lane at 70mph.

Our Fenland roads avoid this problem by regularly subsiding into the roadside dykes, perfect run-off then.

Re: Inner lane grooves. - Andrew Bairsto
Germany has a policy of only building concrete motorways(with some expeptions) and these seem to last much better ,the down side is high tyre noise .I suppose if you build cheap you built three times
Re: Concrete roads - Alvin Booth
You mention concrete roads in Germany.
I don't think they will be used again in the UK.
The tyre noise isn't a problem for the driver its the people who live within a couple of miles radius from these monsters who suffer.
The new A50 from Derby to the Potteries is a classic example. Several sections of this was done in concrete and has made life a misery for many along this route.
As you pass Doveridge you see hoardings put up by the villagers which reads "This concrete road has ruined our environment please join the campaign for resurfacing"
They are dreadful if you live in the vicinity. I live over one mile away from the road and the noise mainly from tyres would make you believe there was a motorway 50yards away from your home. Resurfacing has been promised but when is anyones guess. Also statements have been made that they will not be used again in the future.
Re: Golf V6 4Motion - dave m
have the track rod end positions checked its possible the track rods are not positioned evenly on some of the speed sensitive power racks they self position to the centre rather than being pulled there by the caster of the wheel so if the rod ends are positioned unevenly the steering will always want to pull one way not sure if vw racks do this but might be worth a check

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