Golf MkIV, losing power - Phil100
Had a strange event with my (14 month old) Golf MkIV. I was coming around a busy roundabout, in 2nd and gently accelerating, when suddenly the battery warning light came on (no other warning lights) and I lost all power to the steering (and, I guess, to the assisted brakes, but it was a bit of blur). There was no murmur whatsoever from the engine to suggest that it was cutting out; one moment it was there, the next it wasn't.

I was able coast the car to the kerb, switch on the hazards, and switch the key to off. I restarted first time, with the car behaving perfectly normally, and no warning lights displaying.

The car is in the VW garage at the moment, but I guess they won't be able to do much if they can't replicate the error.

Anybody with any idea?

Golf MkIV, losing power - billy25
sounds rather like the alternater/power steering belt temporarily lost it's grip and stopped driving the components for some reason! could either of the pulleys have seized?
Golf MkIV, losing power - sean
Was it raining?

Had you just driven through a big puddle that could have made your auxiliary belt slip?

Your car is power assisted on the steering. A shock when the assistance stops, but good for your future experience that you know now what it feels like.

Same for the brakes. Shocking how hard you need to press the unassisted pedal.

Hope your dealer finds something.
Golf MkIV, losing power - Phil100
Thanks Billy25 and Sean.

It was a pretty fine day (yesterday), but it's been raining a lot in the last few days, so there must have been a few puddles lazing about, not that I remember going through any.

Your advice is reassuring, though I don't relish the thought of the same thing happening on a motorway. . .



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