Toyota warranty - worth renewing? - Dick Dastardly
I have a 1999 Toyota Avensis GLS hatchback. I got it just under 2 years ago, when it had done 18,500 miles. I bought it from a Toyota dealer and paid a bit extra to get a 2 year warranty. This comes up for renewal in January, and would cost a further £570. The car has now done 36,000 miles and I expect to add another 9,000 to 10,000 miles a year for each of the next two years. Most driving is on A-roads or motorways as I don't commute in it or use it much for short journeys. Given that the car has been completely reliable to date, do you think that the warranty is worth renewing? Or should I just stick the money in the bank and self-insure?
Toyota warranty - worth renewing? - Dynamic Dave
Have you tried getting a quote from Warranty Direct? (Link on the left) I've just entered some details, based on what you've provided, and got a quote of £221.37 for one year on a 2.0 litre petrol, which also includes warranty on the air con system.
Toyota warranty - worth renewing? - T Lucas
Its a Toyota,save your money.
Toyota warranty - worth renewing? - nick
Toyotas are about as bullet-proof as they come. Stick your money in the bank, or if you really want to waste it, send it to me.
Toyota warranty - worth renewing? - kurnal
I had a 98 avensis 2 litre petrol for 4 years /63000 miles- we had a fleet of about 20 at work. Only common problems seemed to be front brake discs which needed regular regrinds and replacement and the steeing column bushes which need regular lubrication and sometimes replacement.
I should keep your money in your pocket- they are fine reliable cars- people say they are boring- I found it the quietest most comfortable car I have ever had. Now got a mondeo tdci which goes very well when its going- but I am on first name terms with everyone at the workshops. Now I could do with that car being a bit more boring like an avensis!

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