406 dash warning lights - Claybuster
Guy at work has just bought a V reg Peugeot 406, very pleased with it but has a couple of problems that has him scratching his head. When he turns his ignition switch on, his dashboard warning lights do not light until the car starts, then they go out. He is under the impression that they should come on at the 2nd position and then go out as the functions (airbag ABS etc) self check, the other problem is that the w/wipers park in different positions on the screen and sweep at different speeds, but he thinks that one might be cured by a new w/wiper motor.
The light fault has got him baffled though.
Any backroomers shed any light (no pun intended) on the dash problem
Regards Claybuster
406 dash warning lights - Altea Ego
Most cars do perform the way he thinks they should, Sounds like the switch or a power relay.
406 dash warning lights - MikeC
Probably not much help, but I hired a 406 the other day and noticed the warning lights where slow to come on. Espeically noticable with the handbrake - the light was a good second behind pull it on.

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