Rover 820 injector question - Colin M
A mate runs a Rover 820 as part of his "bangernomics" philosophy but has become attached to the car. It has just failed it's MOT on emissions and was told it needs new injectors (multipoint system?) at a cost of £800, obviously out of the question to him.

It's a 91 model with "only" 80k and he'd like to keep it, so could any kind soul recommend a fuel injection independent in the Heathrow area or other tips to get the car back within limits?


Re: Rover 820 injector question - Guy Lacey
Could they just need a good clean? Has your friend tried a good injector flush treatment such as Forte (as used by Lacey Bros) or Wynns?

When I was at Uni we used to strip our VW GTI injectors out and stick them in an ultrasonic bath with 5amp fuse wire under the pin to keep them open. Not sure if it did any good though!
Re: Rover 820 injector question - Mike Harvey
Aren't these the ones that need the ecu resetting by pressing the clutch 15 times or something. I had an 89 that this was the case, and it fixed it. Cannot remember the exact procedure, but I'm sure there was a thread a couple of weeks ago.
Re: Rover 820 injector question - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Rather than replacing the injectors, get them cleaned by someone with an ASNU system. Most Lucas cetres have them plus many independant specialists. Costs about £30 each. BTW new injectors are not £200 each, probably less than 1/2 that.
Re: Rover 820 injector question - Colin M
Thanks for the information guys, this page printed and given to my mate.


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