Ford Escort Heater Problem - ColinB
My daughters Ford Escort 1600 heater fan as stopped working.

I've been asked to sort the problem. Having looked at the Haynes Manuaul problem could be either:-

1) Fan Motor
2) Three Position switch
3) Relay mounted at the back of the fuseboard

As the fan is not working in all three positions it must be a fault that is common to all three speeds. My initial reaction is that the fan motor has failed.

Any one out there had a similar problem. I've heard that failing heater motors is a common problem with Escorts?

Ford Escort Heater Problem - elekie&a/c doctor
If your car is a 1991 onwards escort ,then a failed heater motor is a very common problem.However it is not usually the motor that is the prob,it is more likely to be a fault in the central electric fuse/relay box.They suffer with internal dry/poor solder connections,&they are repairable.
Ford Escort Heater Problem - Richteo
The problem with the fuse boxes on these escorts is caused by water leaking from a corroded battery tray (opposite side to battery obviously) or a bad windscreen seal. This leads to water ingress onto the fuse box which causes problems. If any other circuits are failing to this would be the first place to check. If all other circuits are ok then I'd guess it is the motor itself.
Ford Escort Heater Problem - Dynamic Dave
is the fan only working on the fastest speed? If so, check the resistor packs.

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