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Vectra SXI - Brian Staff
I am thinking of buying my company car next month when they get rid.

Its a Vectra 1.8 SXI in blue with about 23000 on the clock.

What should I offer ? The book price seems rather high for this car.


Get the Vectra jokes over quickly please if you really have the urge
Re: Vectra SXI - honest john
Year? Reg?

Re: Vectra SXI - Brian Staff
2000 W reg
Vectra Cam Belts - Guy Lacey
I'm no fan of the Vectra and would be worried about the cam-belt failures they suffer from perenially. At the mileage you state I wouldn't be surprised if it was a prime candidate although I'm sure Vauxhall rectified the fault at this stage. (did they - HJ?)
Re: Vectra Cam Belts - Mike Harvey
Brian, is it the dreaded fleet DOOM BLUE, or something nice? It will affect the value a few bob.
Re: Vectra Cam Belts - Brian Staff

It is metalic, Nocturno blue

I really like the car (AC, 16`Wheels CD ABS etc) but I don`t want to pay OTT.

When I looked, the bok price was around £8000 which seems rather high. I was just looking for some advice from the guys in the trade.

Re: Super Vectras - Alvin Booth
No jokes about the Vectra from me. I think they are brilliant.....
Although mine is a diesel.
Doom Blue Mike!!!!!!! so is mine.
I just take all this with a dignified silence about Vectra's.
Hundreds of thousands of us can't all be wrong.
And J.D. power surveys..... I would as soon believe Saddam Hussein.

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