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My 206 is going to have some part of the engine management system reprogrammed, to try and cure the intermittent appearnce of a warning which comes up now and again saying "Anti-Pollution Unit". So far so good. The dealer tells me that after this reprogramming the existing keys will not work and can't themselves be re-programmed. The work has been held over until they can obtains two new keys, about £75 for the remote operating one and £45 for the spare. Luckily this will be covered by the warranty but it seems an amazing state of affairs that squaring away a fault in the engine management system destroys the functionality of 2 perfectly serviceable keys. Please can anyone explain this for me? I do understand that it is only certain 206s that have this undesireable chacteristic (certain build dates/VIN numbers)
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Yep, my keys have been recalled also..any words of wisdom would help..

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I may be wrong here but the remote key works on a radio frequency code of which the ecu recognises assuming which most now contain the immobiliser.if the code or program on the ecu is changed through upgrade.and the key is not changed you wont be able to get into car.or get it started as the code on the key is different to ecu.hope this helps
Peugeot 206 Keys - Armitage Shanks{P}
Thanks for the input. I understand that the normal set up is that, when your computer is reprogrammed, everything else is done at the same time, key chips, immobliser code, remote central locking etc. Apparently there is a batch of Peugeots, of which mine is one, where this can't be done and you have to buy new keys each time the computer is programmed. I was wrong about the price, it was £77 for one remote key and one ordinary one, done under warranty, but an odd glitch to have in the electronics of a car I think!
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Not so much of a glitch. Some cars were designed this way. It makes stealing them and doing a quick fix on the imobilisor/keys less desirable

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