Q Car - SjB {P}
Picture the scene.

Three cars, all with drivers behaving themselves, gently running up to a roundabout on an NSL A road.

Nice, shiny, 03 reg BMW Coupe 330i, leading a filthy dirty, knocked and banged about, brake-dust-blackened alloys, apparently povert spec, SAAB 9000 on a G plate, and then me.

The other side of the roundabout, the road opens up in to what is effectively a runway.

What happens next?

The BMW squats down at the rear, and takes off like a missile.

Half a second later, a huge puff of jet black smoke appears out of the back of the 'clapped out' SAAB, which then simply ATE the BMW!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was honestly like a litre superbike bang in the middle of the power band, overtaking a dawdling Corsa. OUT-PAST-IN. Job done. Against a 330i accelerating like the clappers, which had the advantage of starting first!

Methinks Mr SAAB driver spent his dosh with someone like Abbott, rather than on polish, and relishes the idea of a run down appearance to boot!

Having seen Nick Mann's (name from memory?) road legal Rover V8 turbo Moggie Minor going up Prescott Hillclimb in the early eighties, and wished I'd seen it on the road, I think I've actually seen someting even better (The Minor did have oversized wheels and a driver sitting on the rear seat to give the game away, whereas the SAAB had nothing. Not even a fat exhaust pipe)

Anyone else seen a real Q car in action?

Q Car - Downesi1
Sounds like it was a griffin or a nice Carlesson ? ( not to sure about the spelling ! )
Q Car - SjB {P}
Much, MUCH quicker than a Carlsson!
Q Car - Phoenicks
early 1990's. Lancia Thema 8.32 kick an Escort RS Turbo to bits.

highly amusing. very quick. sounded great.

Wessex Way off of Asda r'bout towards ringwood. before speed cameras. was in friends dad 750i following.

Lancia and us in 750 using road guidelines round r'bout from asda. Escort goes round outside in lane intended for going towards poole and nips in front of all of us.

Escort in front for 2 miles until realises that Lancia front numberplate cant be seen by escort drive, therefore wont get off his back. moves over. bye bye lancia.

we follow soon after. That'll teach him to buy a car he thought was quick.
Q Car - 3500S
Rover 600Ti, I remember it was a non-descript gun metal grey with just a normal 600 badge on the back but the rear foil gave it away. Looked very ordinary though.

Lights leading up to a dual carriageway and a 323Ci must have looked upon the lowly 600 fancing a bit of sport. The 323 kept edging at the lights, the 600Ti just stayed put stationary.

When the lights went green, the 600Ti let him go first and then powered up leaving the 323Ci behind. I doubt on any corners the 600 would keep up but on the straight it was bye-bye.
Q Car - doug_523i
I was going at a fair lick around a tight bend on my YZF750 Yamaha and only just held off a Mark ONE!!! Cortina in Lotus colours. This guy had seriously done his homework on the handling side, and he appeared to get great fun from showing what it could do. I really must service my suspension.
Q Car - Nash
I had a Dark grey Volvo V40 T4 until recently and used to take great delight in toasting the Audi TT\BMW3's away from round abouts.

Nothing quite like showing them up while driving a Volvo estate. Sad, but fun.

On my CBR600 its far to easy to leave every car standing to be worth the bother. Much more fun to just let them think you are going to gun it and then let them race off, only to be flashed by the GATSO 200m down the road.
Q Car - matt35 {P}
1973 - living in Milano - driving a Fiat 124 Sport which had been 'bored out' rather than correct out of tolerance engine.
Wife and kids in UK for hot August, couple of glasses of vino, bored, so drive out towards Monza.
Five or six traffic lights, another Fiat with four BIG Italians racing from the lights - at 144lbs bodyweight I shafted them of course.
At the roundabout near Monza, the driver saw his chance to catch me on the roundabout, forgot to use the other lane and burst his radiator on my back bumper....as I got out, all I could see were big teeth, not smiling.
I suggested we clear the roundabout for safety, the four got back in the car, I switched off the lights and headed back to Milano at a bit over 120mph -it was a no guilt, no win, situation.
This was before I joined the IAM in case anyone is watching!
Q Car - steveb
Coming up the A41 towards Chester was following a new M3 which was itself following a 12 year old Metro. No way was the Beemer getting past however as the Metro driver obviously knew the roads and the 'limitations' of his car. This went on for at least five miles, the Metro keeping his speed up through the twisties and roundabouts, not giving the BMW a chance.

This kept me amused until the BMW exited stage left at a roundabout.
Q Car - Vansboy
Our last 'nice' car was a Jaguar Sovereign 4.0, originally owned by a recruitment company. Outwardly just a rather well kept executive saloon.

Then, if you were to squint at the tiny badge on the rear.....JANSPEED!

At just 2000 miles, the car had an engine re-build, which included twin turbo conversion! Just over 300bhp.The original invoice for this work, showed it costing a shade under £10,000.Not quite what the car cost us!!

Rather rapid, if required!!

Q Car - NitroBurner

Although you are a car driver, you cannot disguise the inherent contempt motorcyclists have for 'other' car drivers...
Q Car - matt35 {P}

Never been on a bike in my life - but I do stick small Postit notes when I am doing IAM Observing..to encourage my Associates to be aware and to have a look before they move off or change lanes;

Nearside mirror is Bob = boy on bike.
Offside mirror is Tom = twit on motorbike.

We are sharing the roads - not competing?


PS - DD and Mark would delete if I posted t** - so I added a W - nothing personal -I think that properly trained m/cs are - neccessarily- more aware than most car drivers.
Q Car - malteser
Just wait until I get my Skoda Fabia 1.9tdi chipped and the badges changed to 1.4 mpi
"Rude, crude and socially unacceptable"
Q Car - J Bonington Jagworth
There was an interesting comparison in Car (I think) between the Ford Focus RS and its 35-year old precursor, the Lotus Cortina you describe. Funnily enough, although the Focus has almost double the power, it is a whole lot heavier, and the Lotus badge on the Cortina was genuine. It also had rear-wheel drive, of course...
Illegitimi non carborundum!
Q Car - THe Growler
JBJ may remember the marvellous late Jim Clark and the stuff he did with Lotus Cortinas at Brands. More often than not one of the front wheels was always in the air on the corners. My pal tried similar on the way home in his standard Cortina Mk 1: this was around the time when Pirelli Cinturatos liberated us all from cross-ply hegemony and allowed antics not previously available. Alas he had to be dug out of a hedge near Uckfield.

I do like the idea of a souped up clunker though. No worries about a few more dings and it's probably not worth stealing on the face of it.

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