Clio - Running water sounds - Help! - Cliodriver33

Just had a brand new Clio 1.2 Dynamique delivered. First thing was when I fill it up the petrol gauge only shows 3/4 full. That will hopefully get sorted tomorrow.

Anyway my main point is this. The car had been sitting out in the rain overnight and I took off and drove home and then there was what sounds like a trickling stream coming from the passenger side of the car running somewhere. This lasted about 10 mins. The car is dry and I don't know where the water went.

I told my salesmen (only interesed in me telling Renault that everything is ok so he gets his commission) the problem.

He said they all do it, it is weird, but don't be worried!!! This is surely wrong. Nothing in the manual says beware of the sound of running water. I don't expect this kind of fob off from a dealership and need advice from other Clio owners to find out if this is indeed the case or if this salesman just full of BS?
Clio - Running water sounds - Help! - Aprilia
Could be an airlock in the cooling systems heater circuit - would be strange in a new car though!
Clio - Running water sounds - Help! - Blue {P}
I was just thinking of posting about this myself!

My new Fiesta does the same trick sometimes, I was going to try and experiment by noting if the car had been rained on etc. etc. It seems to stop soon after setting off, and the car appears to be dry most of the time that it does it. There certainly isn't any water running down the inside of the car.

I haven't mentioned it yet as I will NEVER be able to reproduce the noise at the dealers!

Clio - Running water sounds - Help! - GrumpyOldGit
I have the same thing. It's the rain water running out of somewhere, maybe the bottom of the door. If you hear it when it hasn't been raining, start worrying. :-)
Clio - Running water sounds - Help! - Andrew-T
From what you say, it sounds to me like drainage from the sunroof well. All sunroofs let some water into the roof space and usually have a drain tube at each corner leading down the A and C pillars. This arrangement is likely to gurgle when the car starts moving. Open the sunroof and check they are clear by pouring water down each tube - it should appear on the ground somewhere.
Clio - Running water sounds - Help! - Aprilia
Fair suggestion. But he said the running water sound lasted 10 minutes! That would be a lot of water to drain from a sunroof well - I would be worried!
Clio - Running water sounds - Help! - AndyT
Yup, have had one for about two years and have always had that sound.
I assumed it was the excess water around the sunroof seal getting sloshed about by the wind.
Clio - Running water sounds - Help! - Frogeye
Yes, there is a raised lip in the rubber seal at the front of the sunroof, water rests there and gets blown about by the wind. I was amazed how much noise, and for so long, a little water made
Clio - Running water sounds - Help! - Mondaywoe
Would a brand new Clio have a sunroof? It's becoming increasingly difficult to buy any sort of car with a sunroof these days. Aircon seems to be the norm. My Mum has a 1994 Clio (with a sunroof) You can hear it draining off quite loudly. On the other hand, my C5's aircon gurgles away gently for ages after the engine has been switched off - sounds remarkably like my belly rumbling! Condensation drains off to the road.

Another possibility might be the plenum chamber for the air intake. Water could collect then drain off slowly through pipes.

I suppose there could just be an air pocket in the cooling system if it hasn't been properly bled - but that would seem unlikely on a new car.


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