Oil Change. Primera. - jonathan.horseman
Going to do the first oil change on a 2002 New Shape 1.8 Primera since i bought it 6 months ago and im not sure what type of oil is the best so could anyone with some knowledge on these cars recommend a good oil to use.
Thanx for the help
Oil Change. Primera. - mark999
Use the best oil you can afford and change regularly. I had the cams sieze up on my 95 primera 2.0. The oil feeds to the top end through pin holes.
Oil Change. Primera. - Aprilia
Anything from a 0W-30 to a 5W-40 should be fine (probably best with the former at this time of year). Use an SL-spec. fully synthetic - personally I like the GM stuff that Vauxhall dealers sell; I get it at a very good price.
Change the oil and filter regularly on these engines (say every six months) and they last for ever.

If you want detailed technical info (manfrs. oil specs, oil change proceedure etc) on this vehicle then mail me at:



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