Repair places in Sunderland - blinky
I need to get a some work done on my old Corsa to help it through the winter. Ideally I want to get the work done while I\'m at work so ideally I\'m looking for a garage in Sunderland, preferably North Sunderland (I work on the business park next to the Queen Alexandra Bridge).

Car is far to old and worth to little to go to a dealers.
Repair places in Sunderland - Dynamic Dave
See if there's a Masterfit nearby. Same Vaux technicians, genuine Vaux parts, but cheaper.
Repair places in Sunderland - doctorchris
Try Ian Mcdonald. Phone 5144487. Not sure exactly where his premises are but somewhere in Monkwearmouth.
Repair places in Sunderland - Blue {P}
My parents swear by Monkwearmouth Motor Co. in Zetland Street, Roker area on the north side. The garage has looked after their BMW for years and it seems to be as healthy as the day they bought it. They get all types of car in though, and the garage has worked on my Fiesta before. They have always seemed to charge a fair price and do a good job.

I think their number is 0191 5657875, but I saved that in my phone over a year ago so it may have changed!

Repair places in Sunderland - Dynamic Dave
Google says their number is 0191 5101319.
Repair places in Sunderland - Blue {P}
Thanx for that, must update that myself! :)

Repair places in Sunderland - big davey
Did you find a garage in Sunderland?
we are in Sunderland road in South Shields and could offer you a courtesy car free of charge while yours is in for repair, we are also the cheapest labour garage in the area. Whats the work anyway?


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