Fiat Uno noise at rear ? - Pete
Has anyone heard this before please?

Speed humps have recently been installed on the local road. We now find that a noise like two spanners chinking together, occurs when the tail of the car comes down off the humps. (This is not the rear springs clunking, it only does that when cornering at low speed)

Car is a standard 93 Uno 1.0ie (fuel injected) in overall good condition and in daily use. At first I thought it was the wheel spanner contacting the inside rim of the spare wheel but this is not the case. I now suspect that it is something to do with the float mechanism inside the fuel tank.

Can anyone throw any light on this please?
Thank you.
Fiat Uno noise at rear ? - DL
Any difference with a full/half full/empty tank, Pete? - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Fiat Uno noise at rear ? - Craggyislander
Pete - have you checked the exhaust - I had an 89 Uno 60 before the Mondeo and that used to make the noise you describe when going over speed bumps.
Check around the rear box in particular.
Fiat Uno noise at rear ? - greaser pv
If the suspension is any thing like the Punto then it could be the swinging arm bearings. Jack up car on sill or under rear beam hold wheel top and bottom and see if their is any play you have to be fairly heavy handed.
Fiat Uno noise at rear ? - Pete
My thanks to you all. Will check these possibilities out and advise if and when I find the cure.
Thank you, Pete.
Fiat Uno noise at rear ? - Caveman
It's not the tail end of the exhaust catching the speed bump as the rear bounces downward is it?

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