Toyota Yaris Specifications - Mine's a Mazda
Just a quickie - I am about to buy a 2001 Toyota Yaris being sold by the dealer as a GS 5Dr (It is a five door) - The DVLA registration document says it is an "S" not a GS - Is that possible? - Did the first registering dealer make a mistake when registering it with the DVLA? I thought all S models were 3 door? Thanks for any help.
Toyota Yaris Specifications - No Do$h
Look forward to seeing the change of name.

Anyway, back to your question; as far as I\'m aware, the Yaris S was a 3dr in 2000 and 2001 (and probably has continued to be so). A quick call to any (other) Toyota dealer or a glimpse at one of the price guide books should confirm this. Failing that, I think the CAP green book (ask a tame dealer) will confirm the VIN is correct for a 5dr GS

No Dosh,
Toyota Yaris Specifications - Mine's a Mazda
Sorry to take so long to reply to your helpful message - I eventually found out that it was an Irish import and decided I'd steer clear - eventually bought a Yaris CDX and have only had it a short time but it seems fine - How do I change my name?
Toyota Yaris Specifications - No Do$h
Nothing wrong with Irish imports (My 156 - 2 years old at the time- originated from the emerald isle, mind you I got a blinkin' huge discount)

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