Audi 100 stalling - mike
I have a retired friend who is being driven insane by what appears to be a very subtle intermittant fault that all the so called expert engine tuners can not get to grips with. The car in question is a 1993 Audi 2 litre E Model.
Now the fault. Somedays he can travel 30 miles or so on the motorway at legal speed without any problems either with the engine or transmission. (it is not an automatic transmission model). On other days he may attempt the same journey and the engine will falter and lose power but at speeds of 60 to 70 mph it will not stall.
The problem occurs however if the car is on a major road at slower speeds when the cars engine will hesitate and eventually stall.
The car has been to numerous garages and engine specialists but no problems have been identified with the electronic management system even with sophisticated diaogostic equiptment.
New fuel pump and fuel filter have not effected a cure.
The car is not garaged but the problem does not seem to be influenced by the weather.
Re: Audi 100 stalling - Andy Bairsto
Sounds a little like air leaks ,if the petrol is there and the spark is there it should go.check all air pipes .Another thought is the petrol quality has he changed petrol stations recently ,An intermitant fault in the ECU is a nightmare to find .The audi main agent will have plug in computor you can put in the the car and drive about when the fault occurs it shoul show up.
Re: Audi 100 stalling - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
I would hedge a bet on the oxygen sensor being at fault here, possibly the heater has an intermittent fault and the sensor is going "cold" with lower engine speeds.
Re: Audi 100 stalling - honest john
Or possibly our ould friend the fuel pump relay or the earth to the fuel pump relay. A fault here never shows up on engine diagnostics because it isn't an engine fault; merely an intermittent fuel supply fault.


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