Could a dodgy coil pack cause pinking? - Drage
The car is a 2002 Golf V5 Tiptronic with 16000m on the clock.
I've already had one pack go faulty which showed up as juddering on acceleration. Now I've noticed a fairly rapid rattling noise, rather like a rattling tappet,which occurs between 1800-2000rpm only when the engine has warmed up. I think it must be pinking because it improves quite a lot, but doesn't go, if I use Optimax petrol.
I wonder if anyone could tell me whether this could be an early sign of another coilpack going bad?
Could a dodgy coil pack cause pinking? - SkyMan
I don't think its a coil pack, as you'd get the juddering that you had before. It sounds like the ignition timing is out (this would not be caused by a coil pack). On my car the timing is set by the ECU. THe ECU constantly monitors the timing and adjusts it using data from knock sensors, etc. However the ECU makes increasingly smaller timing changes as time goes by.

Therefore you might need to reset the ECU (on my car this is done by disconnecting the battery for a day) - the ECU will then re-adjust the timing until it is "OK".

This is what happens on my Skyline anyway - not sure about VW...
Could a dodgy coil pack cause pinking? - Aprilia
No, not likely to be a coil pack. Knock sensor could be faulty - but could be a number of other faults too. Best put it on the diagnostic tester.
Could a dodgy coil pack cause pinking? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I think you either need to get it to VW or find someone competent who can use the VAG-com system to find the fault. I am still fairly new to VAG-com so I am not sure if the octane rating or base timing can be adjusted to eliminate your problem but it seems likely. Dont waste too much time as detonation can cause engine damage.

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