Audi A6 Multitronic gearbox fault - mutley
When I engage drive,or reverse, there is a significant delay of 2 - 5 seconds before the gearbox engages and when it does engage there is an audible "bang" due to the rev's that have built up.
If I attempt a hill start with the box in drive I need to keep my foot on the brake to stop the vehicle rolling backwards. ie the gearbox wil not hold the car.Again there is a delay whilst drive engages-even though it is already in drive!
Audi tell me this is normal and that I need to adjust my driving style.
This auto behaves like no other auto box I have used and is very difficult to drive.
Are Audi correct in their view or does the box have a fault and if so does anyone have any suggestions to help Audi sort the problem.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
Audi A6 Multitronic gearbox fault - Aprilia
I have never driven one of these, however I find it hard to believe that they designed it so that a hill-start is as difficult as you describe. As per usual advice in these circumstances - ask to driver another similar car and see if it behaves the same.
Unfortunately, I suspect that due to the complexity of these 'boxes (and lack of established repair expertise) any major fault would require a 'factory recon' approach to rectify!

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