Electric sunroof - Volvo 740 GLE - HectorG
I have a 13 year old Volvo 740 GLE estate with electric sunroof.
Although the sunroof has never failed it is now very slow to operate and does not close the final 2 or 3 inches without a helpful shove.

I have been given conflicting advice from various sources, including:
1.motor on the way out;
2. stretced cables &
3. runners clogged up with dirt and grease.

I cleaned the runners which resulted in a temporary improvement - maybe I didn\'t clean them well enough.

I am reluctant to take out the headlining to check the cables - I understand it is a big job.

Do any Backroomers have experience of such a problem, or know of a possible cure?

many thanks

Electric sunroof - Volvo 740 GLE - Greenparrot
Hi Hector

Sorry to suggest you repeat a job already done but I think the solution lies in the fact that after the cleaning there was temporary improvement. If you open the sunroof fully and really clean the mechanism and runners (I have even used a spray solvent before - with a cloth to absorb overspray/debris)to remove all traces of old grease and then lubricate the full mechanism with a spray grease several times while running the sunroof in & out this will help the motor.
You may need to manually close the roof as you have been the first few times but eventually it should return to normal operation.

Electric sunroof - Volvo 740 GLE - DL
The cables require a dose of WD40 and then an oiling with a light grade oil, such as 3in1 oil.

Usually works.
Electric sunroof - Volvo 740 GLE - HectorG
thanks guys,I'm sure your right. I'll have a go and let you know the outcome.


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