Rip off Insurance? - Jason Clark
I bought a car in early sept and paid for my insurance with another insurance company. Before that I scrapped my old car as it was knackered.

I have no gaps in my insurance as I kept it going with my old insurance company for (my old car) and then changed over to the new company straight away. However I did this before my insurance for my scrapped car was due for renewal on Oct 11 2003.

What\'s the point in paying for car insurance when I don\'t even have the car? I continued using it to drive a family members.

I would have had 3 years no claims up to Oct 11.

My previous insurance company sent a proof of NC for 2 years!

Meaning now I have got to pay another £115 for my insurance with the new company.

It\'s going to take me 2 years now to get back to where I should be.

Why the heck shouldn\'t my NCD be transfered over the the new company? No gaps in insurance.

How unfair! Why should I have to pay for for a whole year when I am really 3 years NC free! More fairer would be to take a % from that year.

That\'s how they get rich!

Nothing I can do?


Insurance company names removed. As previously stated, no naming and shaming please. DD.
Rip off Insurance? - Obsolete
I made a similar mistake. I changed my car with ~3 months insurance to go. The old car was an old Micra and the new car was a new Ford Ka which are roungly the same insurance group. Anyway, the change in the premium due to the new vehicle was an extra £200 i.e. the effective yearly premium had gone sky high. I could have changed to a more competitive insurer but would have lost the 9 months NCB since you are only credited with a full year. Hence they had me by the ... errm ... legal terms and conditions.

It does make you wonder whether this is a scam (they know some people will change vehicle, and work into the policy a huge hike) or just coincidence.
Rip off Insurance? - Dynamic Dave
Why the heck shouldn't my NCD be transfered over the the
new company? No gaps in insurance.
How unfair! Why should I have to pay for for a
whole year when I am really 3 years NC free!

Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but you're not entitled to 3 yrs no claims discount until October 11th. As far as the new company is concerned you could potentially make a claim between now and the 11th Oct on the old policy.

Why didn't you just insure the new car on the existing policy and then change insurance companies on the 11th Oct?
Rip off Insurance? - Jason Clark
I know I should be entitled until October 11. But I won't be because my last company gave me only 2 Years. Unfair to take the whole year away though!

I assumed I could transfer my insurance over to a new company because of a change in car and that the policy was for a different car.

For instance say my car was knackered after only 2 months and I had to buy another car, but the insurance premium was high compared to other companies. Is it right I shouldn't have the freedom to change?
Rip off Insurance? - smokie
Of course, but in your example you couldn't expect a whole year's no claims if the policy is only two months old. If you swapped at 2 months, the new company should base premium on whole years of NCD already earned.

So by the same logic, as has been pointed out, you don't become eligible for another year NCD until 11 Oct.

But you've chosen to start a new policy before then. Hence your problem.
Rip off Insurance? - Obsolete
These problems would be reduced if insurance premiums were based on the number of months NCB rather than the number of whole years. Maybe there is some good reason why this does not happen?

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