Range Rover - reliable motoring? - Bill Black
At the risk of being accused of multi-threading I think I may have been on the wrong board with the following question so I?ve copied it over here, so here's hoping:
A colleague of mine is seriously thinking about a late Range Rover or Discovery. They really get a beating in the reliability tables but are they really as unreliable as they seem? After all Citroens don?t get a good press either but so far I?ve had eight years of really troublefree motoring from my two, one C5 from new and one ex-demo Xantia with 500m. on the clock.
Range Rover - reliable motoring? - Steve S

I am a RR owner and I've not had any trouble. Err, not since I had the engine replaced (porous bore liners) oh, and the A/C system.

Oh yes then there was the driver's seat......etc.

Great vehicles when they work. Far too many that suffer problems, your colleague needs to "gen up" on all the previous recalls and surf the (many) Land Rover complaints forums.

I was in touch with the CEO until I got the problems resolved on mine.

Definately a "heart" purchase, his head would buy a Toyota Land Cruiser.
Range Rover - reliable motoring? - Aprilia
American joke:

What's the difference between a Range Rover and a golf ball?

Ans. You can drive a golf ball 100 yards without any trouble.
Range Rover - reliable motoring? - Jono_99
Agree completely with other posts. Had two Rangies (older than your colleague is looking at)and a 300Tdi Discovery. Both Range Rovers were heart purchases, each time I looked at LandCruisers, and each time the lure of the V8 was too much. The mechanic to whom I took them to (this was while I was living in Kenya) was great, and he also worked on Landcruisers, but said that there would not be sufficient work for him if he did only LandCruisers, as they were too reliable!

They are a real lifestyle decision - recognise that you will spend time fiddling with them (or having someone else fiddle with them) for a large proportion of the time.

Never will be I purchase one again, though my need for 4x4s has obviously reduced now. Having said that, I have been mulling a Rover p5B coupe - once that V8 bug bites....

Range Rover - reliable motoring? - DenisO
Our 4.6HSE has done 45,000 miles in the last 4 years and apart from normal servicing and an exhaust the only problem area was the air con which cost £450 for a new condenser.
It's a great car and as others have said, there's no substitute for that big V8 and the significant luxury of the car.
Fuel bills are expensive at around 15 mpg but if you find yourself a good independant 4x4 garage your servicing will be around £30 - £35 per hour. Considering the Stealership will be around £85 per hour then you can make big savings on labour rates. You'll probably get better service from an independant as well.
I wouldn't hesitate to by another one. I also have an old V8 90 and at the moment a V8 Disco which I bought for a friend. You could call me a bit of a Land Rover junkie. Either that or I just love to line Gordon Browns pockets with all that fuel tax.
Range Rover - reliable motoring? - THe Growler
Based on the expereince of the 3 owners I know, I'm going to add your thread title to the Growler List Of Motoring Oxymorons.
Range Rover - reliable motoring? - Aprilia
Well, he did put a question mark at the end of it!

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