Clamped at weekend - grounds for appeal? - Huss
I was clamped at the weekend in central London and as a result am £115 poorer!

My car was parked in a road where I have parked many times previously (legally)- but which now has had new restrictions placed for Saturday mornings.

Whilst waiting for the declamp I wandered up and down the road - 75 yards in both directions looking for those little yellow signs that normally inform you of parking times etc but couldn\'t find any.

Does anybody know where I can find the rules relating to parking restiction information (useful website) as I thought the yellow warning signs had to be strategically placed attached to lamposts etc.?

If I\'ve parked illegally then fair cop. However if they should be there and for whatever reason aren\'t would I have grounds for appeal?

Clamped at weekend - grounds for appeal? - Armitage Shanks{P}
This link may prove helpful

Were the people who clamped and/or unclamped you not able to say why you had been clamped and what regulation you had (allegedly) broken? Good Luck. Many fines are overturned on appeal so give it a try.
Clamped at weekend - grounds for appeal? - Dwight Van Driver

From what you say you were clamped on a road - private/waste ground is another matter.

Parking Restrictions on a road is a matter for the local Authority of the area involved and it is up to them to make the necessary Order to make parking unlawful. The Order should stipulate the area involved and requirements re signing and should be available for inspection at LA HQ or there may be a copy in the reference section of the lopcal Library.

The law on the matter is contained at

scroll down to Section 66 onwards.

Further if you do a search under the name of the LA Parking they may have the Order on the Web as some do.

If you can have a look at the Order and take in the information from S66 on, can you make a case to present to the Appeal Board?
Lack of signing may provide mitigation as said so have a try under the addage nothing ventured nothing gained.

Clamped at weekend - grounds for appeal? - Huss
Thanks for the link - very helpful

It was a Hackney council contractor who unclamped me and when I alluded to the lack of signs he asked me why I didn't think it funny that I was the only car when parking.

When I mentioned that I had parked at 7.00am he shrugged his shoulders and kindly suggested that I take up my issue with the council.

Trouble is I do not know if the council is obliged to put up these warning plates and whether I have a case to put. So am looking for some ammunition prior to calling the appeals number.

thanks again

Clamped at weekend - grounds for appeal? - Godfrey H {P}
Always worth taking up an appeal all the way. A lot of councils don't bother to turn up and you win by default.
Clamped at weekend - grounds for appeal? - Bromptonaut
As this is a London issue it will fall to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service. Their website is at and includes some info on significant cases. Go for it, you have nothing to loose.
Clamped at weekend - grounds for appeal? - Huss
Thanks to all from some great links and advise.

I will be appealing and will advise of the outcome in due course

Clamped at weekend - grounds for appeal? - Hugo {P}

Get some photos of the area, showing lack of warning signs etc, before they put them up!

This will add real weight to your arguement.



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