Golf Mk3 cuts out on hot restarts - mark57
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Mk3 Golf, 1.6, '93, ABU engine, 80kmiles.

The car (my wife's) was left undriven over 6 weeks this summer (i.e. hot weather). Since then, it has sometimes stalled at low revs & refused to re-start for 30 minutes and also, quite often, refused to re-start after being switched off: again for 30 minutes. Last night I let it idle for 5 minutes - no problems - & then switched off & tried to restart after 10 seconds. No luck. It sounds completely dead, no attempt to fire. Starter is 100% o.k.

Car drives fine otherwise.

Dealer 1st step is to replace distributor - I gather the Hall sensor is common ignition culprit - but, to me, It doesn't seem to stack up too well with the symptoms. Obviously we will be £100+ down at that point....

Apparently the engine management is too old to have detailed fault code diagnostics (is that true?), but obviously still has several sensors that could be defective and stop the engine management from generating spark signals for hot starts.

Any comments would be welcome - I'm an engineer, but not an auto one.

Many thanks,

Golf Mk3 cuts out on hot restarts - Peter D
Ok When it seems dead disconnect a plug lead, not the king lead, and fir and old plug or a bent bit of wire and position lead and wire with a quarter of an inch or less gap to the metalwork and get someone to crank it over whilst you look for a spark. if a spark then ok we have a fuel problem. If no spark then the distributor induction ring may be to blame. I have seen this prob before and even traced it to a faulty fuel pump, so be logical and test for each function or pay the price as the last thing you repalce will be the cure.. Good Luck My friend and let us know how you get on. !! Regards Peter
Golf Mk3 cuts out on hot restarts - GGH
I am not sure if this will help you, but my mk3 Golf GTI 8v kept stopping for no apparent reason.
I have just found a hairline crack on the inside of the HT tower of the Temic 6NO 905 104, (1996 vintage) ignition coil. Problem showed up very well in the dark after putting a small amount of water onto the coil.New coil fitted, problem cured.
Best of luck.

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