Escort Mk5 Lights Problem - guzzles

I've got a problem with my car which I would be really grateful for some advice.
My Rear lights/dashboard lights/light on buzzer work intermittantly. I have to keep on switching the lights on and off repeatedly - eventually they work. I have been unable to identify the culprit relay as none of the relays in the relay pod (above the fuses) seem to affect the these lights - when removed.
Does anyone know if there are other relays which control these particular lights, or is there something else I need to look for ????


Escort Mk5 Lights Problem - Deryck Tintagel
There are two problems that immediately spring to mind:

(1) Faulty light switch. I would guess that there isn't a relay for rear / dash lights
(2) If it is anything like Fords of old then you probably have an earthing problem.

When you get the lights to work, do the rear lights dim with the indicator flash? If yes then check the earthing.
Escort Mk5 Lights Problem - David Davies
This fault is almost always the light switch and is extremely common.You'll find the Ford spares dept. has the switch on the shelf.However make sure you get the right one for your car,I think there are four different types depending on equipment level.Its easy to remove the switch,you don't need to remove the airbag or steering wheel.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)


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