4X4/SUV - Spare wheel mounting - Chad.R
The position of the spare wheel on 4X4/SUVs generally seems to be;
a. on the tailgate - Honda CRV, LR Discovery, Toyota LC Colorado, Isuzu Trooper, Mitsu Shogun etc.
b. under the rear - Range Rover, Toyota LC Amazon, Nissan Patrol etc.

However, UK spec Amazons/Patrols have their spare under the rear, but imported ones have them on the tailgate. What's the (manufacturers) reasoning behind this?


PS. Yes, before all you Landies start shouting - I do know that you have the choice of mounting the spare in various places on a proper Land Rover.
PPS. I really don't want this thread to go down the "I hate SUVs/What is the point of SUVs" route, thanks.
4X4/SUV - Spare wheel mounting - Garethj
Mount the spare on the bonnet, it helps give protection when being shot at ;-)
4X4/SUV - Spare wheel mounting - T Lucas
Often to do with Type Approval,the rear lights have to be seen at different angles and with the door open.That is why early Discos,Shoguns,Vitaras and Troopers have the 'add on' lights in the rear bumper.

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