tigra idling problem - p leigh
I recentley purchased a tigra 1.6i. over the past week or so the cars tick over has been getting worse. I thought it might be in need of some new plugs but thats not made much difference. If you rev the engine the revs seen to stay up to long which is a pain when changing gear and when the revs drop back down the car nearly stalls. This has been getting worse by the day. I noticed when I changed the plugs they were all rather black, and the cat smells really strong. Can anyone help.
tigra idling problem - Caveman
If the revs are taking an age to drop back down, you could have a leak in the air intake somewhere. Check to see if the air filter box is securely clipped down, and the releveant hoses are tight leading to the injection system. Probably wouldn't hurt to also put some Forte fuel treatment in the petrol tank, or failing that, Wynns injection cleaner.
tigra idling problem - DL
Idle Air Control Valve gummed up I guess? [Says DL who isn't conversant with the Tigra!)

It used to be a common Vauxhall problem, anyways.


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