Omega Estate tyres please? - Daz
Noticed that my two rear tyres are approaching the limit marks and will need changing before November's MOT.

The vehicle if you don't know by now is an 2.0GLS Auto estate.

Handling with the current tyres is not great as I lost the back end once going at a fair pace round a roundabout.

I travel about 1000 miles a month majority on the A12 so I'm looking for a decent all weather tyre at a not too horrendous price if anyone can help?

Also would it be cheaper to buy the tyres from the net and get a local garage to balance wheels/fit the tyres?


Omega Estate tyres please? - Sooty Tailpipes
What size are yours?
I have Goodyear Eagle F1s on my saloon, they turn wet into dry, I will be getting two more in the next few weeks (before winter) as the front ones are a bit blunt now..
Omega Estate tyres please? - Daz
Hi, they are 205/65/15.
Omega Estate tyres please? - Sooty Tailpipes
Oh dear, they dont do them in that sizw, you could try Goodyear Eagle NCT5 (though I never have, the Police around here have them on Omegas) and I have also heard good things said about Kumho Ecsta 712s or HP4 in America fitted to the Cadillac Catera which is their version of the Omega there,
Omega Estate tyres please? - Daz
Cheers but I can't seem to find any info on the Kumho!

Looking at mytyres I have found the Firehawk 700 Fuel Saver 205/65 R15 94V B which seems to represent good value for money.

Plus being a tart I like the look of the white writing on the sidewall!

I have had Firestones on a previous Astra and they seemed OK.

Any thoughts?
Omega Estate tyres please? - Cyd
Shame you can't get F1s - I have them on my 820 Vitesse Sport and it does seem as though they defy physics in the wet. Goodyear Eagle Venturas are regularly top of the heap for wet performance in tests. My brother has these and is very impressed.
Omega Estate tyres please? - andy n
hi i have pirreli p6000 on my volvo v70 t5 and they are a pretty good compromise giving reasonable life (even on the front!) and quite high wet /dry grip levels, they are also very reasonably priced if you shop around
Omega Estate tyres please? - volvoman
Having spent a small fortune on this car you need to claw some back Daz so why not try Costco? They sell a limited range which does change from time to time and I've had Michelin, Goodyear and BF Goodrich tyres from them at prices nobody else I could find could come even close to. If you're not or don't know a member, joining's cheap and, of course, there are numerous other major savings to be made there too. The 185/65 HR15 Goodrich tyres I bought there in March cost £25 plus VAT each - I was quoted nearly £70 for the same tyres when I rang around.
Omega Estate tyres please? - smokie
CostCo isn't always cheap, they quoted me £130 plus VAT each for tryres that my local depot would do me for £90 all in. Still worth shopping around...
Omega Estate tyres please? - Sooty Tailpipes
I have heard a lot about the tyres from Costco, I assume they are grey imports from the states or far east (but I dont mind that)
But what do you have to do to join? Do they make you jump through hoops? Do you have to run a business and provide copies of the books etc...?
Omega Estate tyres please? - Sooty Tailpipes
Ansered my own question...
Individual Membership
Membership is available to individuals over the age of 18 years who meet one of the qualifying requirements listed below:

The annual membership fee is £25.00 (plus VAT) for the primary cardholder, which includes a spouse card.

Current or retired employee of:
* Banking/Finance
* Civil Servant
* Education
* Fire/Rescue

* Local Government
* Medical/Health Service
* Police Force
* Post Office

Qualified as:
* Optician
* Dentist
* Pharmacist
* Solicitor/ Barrister/ Magistrate/ Advocate

Provide proof of eligibility with the following:
1. Employee ID Card
Employee Payslip
Certificate of Professional qualification
2. An original copy of a current utility bill (ie, gas, electricity, telephone) from home address.
Bank statement from home address (utility bill or bank statement must be dated within last 3 months)
Omega Estate tyres please? - Daz
Cheers VM,

My nearest branch would be Thurrock about 45 mins from where I live.

Can you enter the store without being a member?

Just I'd rather see what's on offer before parting with £25!!
Omega Estate tyres please? - smokie
Yep Daz, we did just that in the Reading store. Obviously weren't allowed to buy anything, but were given "day passes" to have a look. Mind you, we also use Makro which IMHO has a wider range of goods.
Omega Estate tyres please? - volvoman
Hi Daz - dug out an old invoice for tyres from Costco:

2 x Michelin Energy 185/65 HR15 @ £49.99

2 x tyre fit/bal @ £2.00

Total = £105.98 + Vat = £124.52

Remember that you won't just buy tyres there! Electrical stuff particularly tends to be much much cheaper than the major high street chains (and even mail-order/internet suppliers) as are household goods, tools/DIY, sport/leisure, car accessories, clothes, gifts, etc., etc.

Also at the moment they have their Xmas lines in and some of the stuff they have is not only unobtainable elsewhere but much cheaper than you'd expect. IIRC correctly you can take out membership and cancel it with a full refund if you're not happy for any reason but you'd better check that. They sell quite a bit of American stuff that you can't find anywhere else and it's very good quality. Their no quibble guarantee is first class and on the odd occasions I've returned stuff they've never raised an eyebrow even when it's been many months old. So far as the tyres are concerned they told me that they're supplied direct by Michelin.

In my experience they're cheaper than Makro and any of the other C&C outlets.

Why not give them a call: Warehouse - 01708 860557
Tyres - 01708 865239
Omega Estate tyres please? - Daz
Thanks a lot VM will give them a bell tomorrow.

Do I assume from your receipt they will actually fit the tyres as well?

Omega Estate tyres please? - volvoman
Yep Daz - fit, balance included. If you do go, take plenty cash or have your bank account well in credit and use a debit card - no credit cards! Also take your Xmas shopping list 'cos they've got some great stuff for the kids/wife etc. Many items are half the price you'd pay in the shops and some you'd just never get anywhere else. For example, just bought a sofa bed for one of the spare rooms. Cost £199 from Argos and we were quite happy with that until I saw virtualy the same one in Costco for just £99 + VAT!!!!
Just makes you realise what sort of profit margins the stores are working to. Anyway, happy spending!
Omega Estate tyres please? - Daz
Thank you Volvoman, you are THE man!

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