scenic diesel cutting out on right bends - big davey
we have a 1997 scenic diesel which has started cutting the engine when we go around a right hand bend, its been in the local garage twice to have wiring checked and to remove the covers around the steering columm, nothing found, any help would be appreciated other than don\'t go around right hand bends.
scenic diesel cutting out on right bends - Altea Ego
These are really hard to find faults

1/ have you been to the renault dealer to check if any fault codes are logged in the ECU?
2/ any indications when it cuts out? any warning lights on? is it total failure, how do you re-start it? does it just hesitate?

hit us with lots of info about how it behaves.
scenic diesel cutting out on right bends - big davey
sorry about the delay, the engine cuts out when turning a right hand and its as if you have turned off the ignition, crank it over again and it starts no problem and away you go, no spluttering or hesitation, when it cuts all the usual lights come on, as when you turn to auxillary position. hope this might help you decide.
scenic diesel cutting out on right bends - Altea Ego
Ok This is electrical then if there is no spluttering or hesitation. First thing is to go over the car to check for anything loose. Check the battery terminals (its under your seat). Check the engine earth straps (connect body to engine) Check for any chafed wires in the engine bay, and check the wires that go to the abs sensors/brake pad warning wire.

Think about the dynamics of how and where things move when weight transfers going round corners, and check to see what could be loose.
scenic diesel cutting out on right bends - Kuang
This might be completely irrelevant, but ISTR a weird fault that used to happen with some Mk2 Cavaliers. The wiper motor bracket would corrode and fluff up an earth to the body, cutting the engine in the process, but it'd only happen on hard right hand corners because the flex of the chassis in that direction allowed for the contact to be made/broken. Maybe you have a component that's doing something similar?
scenic diesel cutting out on right bends - zedzedeleven
This also might be totally irrelevant but might prompt a thought in the right direction. I once had a ford pop. It had a radiator blind that was raised and lowered from a knob on the dash.When the blind was in the lowest position the operating chain had a lot of free play and used to dangle down. When cornering the chain would hit the plugs and short them out, then once round the corner it would swing back. I only sussed it when a bit of over exuberant cornering got the chain all the way over the plugs and stopped the engine completely. Once I lifted the bonnet it was obvious...


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