Semi automatic handbrakes - flatfour
Just been driving a Renault VelSatis, the hand brake puts its self on when you turn off the engine and releales when you start to move off, if you want to put it on for a hill start etc. you pull a switch to the right of the steering column, then pull off and it self releases, I can't help asking my self, "WHY"?

Whats wrong with a normal hand brake?
Semi automatic handbrakes - THe Growler
@sum(French cars+off-the-wall-gadgets)+(lousy quality*revenge on the British/100Years War)=Big££££
Semi automatic handbrakes - bartycrouch
French car electronics is a very specialised area of Quantum Physics where normal deterministic rules do not apply. The only certainty is that £X will be involved (where X is a very large number)
Semi automatic handbrakes - NitroBurner
There's nowt wrong with a normal handbrake, but I think manufacturers like to show off a little & you know what the French are like.

Same with the key-card, although I quite like it on my Laguna now.


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