BMW X3 - Ian (Cape Town)
They are filming a commercial in the square outside my office.
the X3 Bimmer. Have a blue LHD with German plates on it.
I popped won to have a look, and can see it is going to make some serious inroads into the Soft-Roader market...
I'll try to snap some pics
BMW X3 - NitroBurner
Hi Ian,

Do BMW still make cars in SA? If so, do they still make 'specials'?

I seem to remember a 745i from the 80's which was a 735 + a turbo and also a 333i in the last shape but one.

And didn't Ford sell a Sierra XR8 there with a 5Litre V8?

It's always interesting to know what's on sale in foreign markets.

BMW X3 - Ian (Cape Town)
Yep, in fact most RHD 3-series are made here for export to UK.
The homolenised (sp? specials of the 80s were a wonder to behold - the 333 was a classic brute, as was the XR8 sierra.
There were also some really funky 8 cylinder pickups based on a cortina front end!
and the memorable 8cyl Capri (a Pirhana, IIRC!)
The latest 'offering' is a V8 Falcon.
Drop me a line,, I'll send you a copy of a local car mag.
Looks like they are only going to have the 2.5 & 3 litre petrol and 2 litre diesel in the UK. No 3 litre diesel, which is the one I want.

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