Insurance Costs - SjB {P}
A few weeks ago, I was chuffed to bits that my fully comp motorbike insurance for a 600cc machine with nigh on 100BHP had fallen to almost pocket money levels.

Now however, I am in the process of renewing insurance for the missus's car.

Same garage overnight.
Same job.
Same location.
Same usage.
Same annual mileage.
Same immobilizer and alarm.
Same physical theft prevention device.
Same relatively undesirable car to steal (306 Sedan).
Same named second driver. ;-))

Last year, she had one year introductory NCB (20%) having only just passed her driving test.

This year, the value of the car is lower, she has a claim free history, and she has two years' NCB worth 40% discount.

On opening the renewal envelope and expecting to see a suitably reduced premium, imagine my surprise therefore that her existing insurer has hiked her premium up 20%.

I then found this trend to be reflected with amazing consistency (variation is an increase of 18% to 23% from last years' premium) across the dozen or so web quotes I have made on her behalf.

Have other BR contributors found the same?

Although better in our pocket than somebody else's, the sum involved is not colossal, but it's still frustrating that with insurance being a collective pot, careful ownership does not always bring reward.
Insurance Costs - DavidHM
Having gone from zero to 1 year's no claims, with a 6-7 year old licence, on the same car, I redcued my insurance premium by 25% or so, and by over 40% from the insurer I actually went with, having had quotes both years.

Most likely is that people have realised that, despite the 306's low insurance group, it is popular with young drivers and boy racers precisely because of that, and have adjusted their risk ratings accordingly.
Insurance Costs - v0n
Instead of renewal, go to the original website and get new quote just like she was new applicant with two years NCB. Just a month ago my friend had similar story, I think with CIS, rejecting renewal and getting new quote from the same insurance company was much cheaper.
Insurance Costs - teabelly
Try axamotor, I found them to be much cheaper than anyone else.

My insurance went down by £100 this year so I am not complaining! If it goes up then I always shop around now. I'd be paying up to £200 more a year for the same cover if I hadn't.

Insurance Costs - Godfrey H {P}
Phone up the insurance company who gave you the renewal quote and tell them you are thinking of going elsewhere. You may find you get an instant reduction.
Insurance Costs - bananaman
I was in a very similar situation with my wifes insurance. For her first year of insurance we had a very good quote (c.£400 when most quoted c.£650). On renewal they jacked the premium to £500 despite 1 years no claims. Couldn't find anything cheaper on the internet. Then tried They aren't actually a broker but compare your details against loads of insurance companies. Eventually renewed for £330. It takes several hours to find the best quote, but the service is free and I can recommend it. (PS I am not connected in any way with this company!)
Insurance Costs - LongDriver {P}
I would recommend or possibly, as the latter are trying to grow their business.

Don't laugh, but their customer services staff are called...ELEPHANT HANDLERS !
Insurance Costs - midlifecrisis
Stopped a young lad last night driving a 'K' reg Ford Fiesta 1.1. It was costing him £1300 Third Party only (not F+T). I didn't know whether to laugh or cry for him.
Insurance Costs - SjB {P}
Thanks all.

I tried the 'new business' trick, but the website of my wife's current insurer automatically identifies her as 'existing business' from post code and house number. Unfortunately, without these being correct, a quote is worthless.

Already tried Axamotor, and they are in the same ballpark as the current insurer with a 20% increased quote, but will try Confused and Elephant before giving up.

Insurance Costs - Reggie
I've got twin boys and they run a "K" reg 106, and a Fiat Punto 55 "P" reg. Insurance is £1174 and £1360 respectively.

Thats what you get for living in Leeds 8. i.e. a high crime rate, and of course for being young. Another way of reducing your premium is to move to an area of low crime.

Insurance Costs - SjB {P}
Well, the result is... After all the hard work, we will stick with the current insurer.

We could save a few (literally) quid by going elsewhere, but the terms and conditions are not so favourable. This is the first time in over twenty years of driving that I've seen such incredible uniformness of premium across every potential insurer tried. Most are within pence of each other, though all are higher that last year despite the increased NCB, etc.

Incidentally, when I used the Elephant quote engine, I noticed that each field was being pre-prompted with a saved answer from previous Internet Explorer usage. I then twigged that infact it is exactly the same engine (apart from background colour) as another I'd used a few days previously (can't recall which one as there have been so many).

Thanks for all the help along the way.
Insurance Costs - Wilco {P}
I think Elephant is just Admiral in disguise! Both probably share the same engine...
Insurance Costs - KB.
This probably won't help but I renewed my home insurance in January for £390 using brokers Hill House Hammond (Company is AXA). After a recommendation I just called Liverpool Victoria and was quoted £170 for even better cover...(blanket insured sums, rather than specific sums of £125,00 for contents and £500,00 buildings). If they're as good with motor cover then it'll be worth while. Unfortunately I've found out that what's good for one person with a particular company, for a particular risk, need not be good for another.
Insurance Costs - mark

They are good with motor cover as well. With my renewal due from Direct Line I have just phoned Liverpool Victoria. DL wanted £494 for fully comp business use on my 2001 TDI PD Passat which included NCP and Legal another £15 if I wanted a guarnateed hire car.

Liverpool Victoria have just quoted £436 for a policy that automatically includes business use, NCP, Legal and a hire car with other bells and whistles which are not in the DL policy, cheaper windscreen excess too £40vs£50.

It looks like they will be getting my business.

as ever

Insurance Costs - KB.
Good news then, Mark.

Remember they've been going for donkeys years and should be as secure as anyone. I remember when I was about 5 (some 47 yrs ago) the man from Liverpool Vic. came round every week to collect the money (probably 3d a week). My mother had a couple of stiff cardboard record card type things that he marked off every week. I believe the Pru have finally now stopped door to door collections.

The baker also called with a big wicker basket and, in the summer, a man sold ice-cream from a horse drawn cart....(early motoring connection).

Can you imagine what a wally I feel at having given AXA £220 more than I need to have.

Trouble is, for the car insurance, the Mrs. has 3 points (Gatso) and we feel inclined to stick with the current company,'Morethan'(Royal Sun Alliance) until they expire.
Insurance Costs - SeanO
Interesting posts
My 22 year old daughter (62% NCB+ full licence) has just had a renewal quote from the L.& V. £835 fully comp. inc legal expenses + tax for a 1.4 Polo.
AA came up with £565 , well known supermarket £505 (no legal exp, no loan car etc) L. & V. not interested in matching quote. Another nice touch from L.& V.if you make your premium payment by credit card next renewal is automatically deducted from your card even though no revolving payment permission may have been granted by you. (for your convienience???) It is up to you to tell them that you don't want the insurance to prevent the card deduction being made.
Be Aware!
Insurance Costs - mark
Hello KB

Yes they are a good name especially for financial products still mutual I believe. As it happens as far as Liverpool Victoria were concerned the slight matter of an SP30 last year did not load the premium, neither were there any mileage restrictions. They ended up £60 cheaper than Direct Line, £100 cheaper than Sainsburys (Esure really) even with a special Sainsburys 10% discount if I paid with a Sainsburys CC. Unlike AXA they were not perturbed by the fact the car was an import. I am more than happy, thanks for the suggestion.

as ever

Insurance Costs - KB.
A slight note of caution entering the affair with Sean's note. Maybe the L&V prefer their customers to be slightly (or substantially) older and refect that in their pricing structure.

Interesting that AXA weren't happy with the import. They were one of the companies who were (emphasis perhaps on 'were') OK with my Yaris's from Belgium and Holland. All that is academic now - very few cars coming that route now the pound is so strong. The new Corolla, coming in a couple of weeks, is UK sourced and still £2,400 off list.

Insurance Costs - KB.
What absolute tosh I talk!!!!!

It's not AXA to whom I refer re. imports in previous post. It is, of course, Royal Sun Alliance (Morethan)who were OK with the imports. AXA are the people who have my buildings cover. The other company who does/did insure imports without a problem are/were Norwich Union.

Sorry about that.

Insurance Costs - Welliesorter
They are good with motor cover as well.

Liverpool Victoria are also known as Frizzell and offer discounts to members of certain clubs, unions, and professional organisations. See .

I forget the details but I found them to be considerably cheaper than the next nearest quote with better cover (lower excess, loan car provided, business use included, etc.).

To get this cover I had to join the CSMA ( ) but didn't begrudge the £17 membership fee. To be eligible you have to be (or have been) a civil servant or employed by an organisation that used to be part of the civil service. This means a surprising number of privatised and semi-privatised bodies such as the Post Office, BT, and various quangos. You can also join if one of your immediate family is a member.
Insurance Costs - KB.
Ta for that WS.

As it happens I was a CSMA for a number of years and only let it lapse when I went back to Auto Aid in Brentwood for my breakdown cover. £28 a year for full cover (but you pay for the recovery then claim it back). Tel. 01277 235 820

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