rescuing a car from the insurers - D.Robins
A few weeks ago an acquaintance of an acquaintance had a fire with his car. As far as I know they have agreed to pay him out in total. This car is exceptionally rare and is salvageable. Is there any way I can find out what has happened to the car and if I can buy it directly from the insurance company before it's destroyed or auctioned off to philistines?
Re: rescuing a car from the insurers - Dwight Van-Driver
Be honest - contact or write to the Insurance Company concerned and sound them out. They may let you bid or failing that if asked may supply the details of the salvage company they dispose of such vehicles to allowing you to make an approach to them.
Be wary as an interest under these circumstances may be viewed by the Insurance Company with some suspicion for obvious reasons.
Internet Salvage Auctions - David Lacey
There are specialist internet auctions for salvageable cars. A friend of mine has bought many over the past few months.

Will try to get the URL and report back.

But, I agree with D-V-D's comments.


Re: rescuing a car from the insurers - Phil Goodacre
Why not approach the former owner to see if he will approach the insurer to buy the car back. I've been able to do that in the past where the car was written off as uneconomical to repair.

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