VW Polo \'02 - Water Ingress - frmarcus
I bought a Polo S (65) last December and have just noticed water ingress between the rear hatch and the plastic lining (I can hear it sloshing about and when I open the hatch, it runs out and into the boot). No other problems. Has anyone had similar? I guess it has to go back to the dealer...

Many thanks, frmarcus
VW Polo '02 - Water Ingress - NitroBurner
Sownz like the dealer should sort that like you say frmarcus(?) Or how about getting some goldfish?
VW Polo '02 - Water Ingress - IanT
All cars have drain holes at the bottom of the doors, as do most (all?) older cars' hatches.

I've noticed that some (many? all?) new car designs have no drains in the hatch. Presumably your Polo is one of them. With no drains, you need to get the water problem sorted out ASAP or your hatch will rust away.

VW Polo '02 - Water Ingress - Dynamic Dave
Further to Ian's message, I've noticed on some cars that the drain holes can get blocked with solidified wax that the manufacturers use to help prevent rust in the first place. This wax "creeps" on hot days, and can end up blocking the drain holes if they're not very big. It's worth going around the car with a thin piece of wire and rodding out these holes from time to time. Places to observe are the sills, bottoms of the doors, & of course the hatch/tailgate.
VW Polo '02 - Water Ingress - shaun
Sounds like the hose on the rear washer is leaking, this is a common fault on VW's, as they only push on, the dealer should sort this. If you have central locking and alarm the water can cause problems with the lock and alarm sensor.

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