Citroen C3 16v HDi, hesitant pick-up - Alf
Has anybody experienced, hesitant acceleration from stand still on their C3 16v HDi diesel?

I floor the accelerator at roundabouts and junctions and the car flounders about until the turbo decides to cut in then its orft we jolly well go.

This floundering has caused me some embarrasing moments and I'm concerned an incident may arise.

Dealer is looking into it at the moment, but frankly dealers don't seem able to climb the steep learning curve whenever new models come on line. (in my experience)

Idle RPM seems low, around 500rpm on the clock, might this have something to do with it? Oh, just remembered that idle rpm cannot be set independently, its controlled by the ECU!

Any experiences or ideas would be welcome,


Citroen C3 16v HDi, hesitant pick-up - Mac 74
My Rover 214 has this exact problem. I find it manageable but like you i am concerned that it could cause an accident in the event that you need to get away quick but can't. I find it only happans in 2,3,4 gears and is sporadic but getting worse. I'm taking it into a mechanic in a couple of weeks and will be interested in what others say. My mechanic reckons it will be a computer failiure to do with the fuel injection. Just hoping it's not too costly.

Citroen C3 16v HDi, hesitant pick-up - Alf
Dealers reply: Due to the design of the induction system, there is an appreciable 'turbo lag'. he says he drove 2 other C3 16v hdis and they were both the same. My Hdi Picasso has zero lag (I appreciate its not a performance turbo).

I just cant beleive that after a 100 years of making cars, they cant cure this problem. Why design a new car with significant turbo lag?

Has anyone heard different and would you consider this an acceptable explanation?


Citroen C3 16v HDi, hesitant pick-up - madman
Mine doesn't do it! after a year and 28000 miles I can honestly say that it has a wonderfull pickup from as low as 1500 rpm
Citroen C3 16v HDi, hesitant pick-up - Reggie
Mine is the same as Madmans. Marvelous pickup from 1,500 revs with no hesitation and revving straight past 4,500 as if it were a petrol engine. (4,600 miles). It still only averages 57 mpg!
Citroen C3 16v HDi, hesitant pick-up - Baskerville
Have you tried this with the air conditioning switched off?

Just a thought.
Citroen C3 16v HDi, hesitant pick-up - madman
Mine runs the same with aircon on or off, it is nearly always switched on anyway. My consumption is around 70ish mpg but most of the journeys are a minimum of 30 miles.
Citroen C3 16v HDi, hesitant pick-up - Tony Bee
Please believe me I'm not trying to be rude but I'm puzzled by the statement " I floor the accelerator ".
I've been driving since 1959 (Good grief !!) and I don't think I've ever floored the throttle.
If I were a C3 and someone did that to me I reckon I'd hesitate as well.
Surely a very swift get away can be arranged without flooring the throttle.
Can't it ?
Citroen C3 16v HDi, hesitant pick-up - madman
This is a diesel we are talking about here. If you floor the accelerator on a modern ECU diesel it makes no difference than if you pressed it slightly. The drive by wire pedal will only tell the ECU that you want to accelerate and the ECU will inject a little more fuel.

That is why modern diesels don't smoke like they used to, the black smoke that you used to get from an old fashioned diesel engine was unburnt fuel.

It is not really possible to thrash a modern diesel.

Citroen C3 16v HDi, hesitant pick-up - Alf
All replies gratefully recieved Tony Bee.

A 'procedural solution' that I employ is to ensure the revs are kept up at junctions and then take off. I'm off to test drive another 16v hdi and I'll see how it compares.


Citroen C3 16v HDi, hesitant pick-up - DavidHM
Why design a car ...? They haven't, probably, but it's much easier to say 'they all do that' than to actually fix the damn thing.


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