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Until now my auto Omega 2.0 1999 T reg has been great. However recently on several occasions whilst crusing the orange engine symbol light has appeared, accompanied by a noticeable loss in power (as if I was in a higher gear). However once I turn off the engine and restart, the light goes off and the problem goes away. Its happened on 3 occasions over a period of about a week, always resetting once i turn off the engine.

I thought of visiting a dealer to have it checked, will they charge to plug in the computer and diagnose it or not? Anyone got any ideas what it could be?


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Omega engine warning light ? - rileyrm
Your info is stored for 20 starts,the Halfords Gunson tester will make the orange light flash a code, which the paperwork will identify. You dont even need the Gunson tool as just shorting 2 wires achieves the same result. The EBay Vauxhall CD site sell CDs on all cars for around £5 to £10 as well as all spares,may be cheaper option than the Haynes Manual which is too general.

Omega engine warning light ? - Adam Going (Tune-Up)

Ain't no such thing as a free lunch ! Anyone who has the correct equipment to read the fault codes is going to charge for their professional time and investment in equipment. BUT, this really is the place to start. Fault codes are not infallible or the be-all-and-end-all, but they can assist in a diagnosis.

You do not need to go to a dealer,'though. Trawl Yellow Pages under "Car Engine Tuning" and find an independant expert with the right equiment.

Regards, Adam

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Omega engine warning light ? - Daz
I take u r another one with a 2.0 GLS auto?

I don't wish to worry you but I've had the same thing happen (see recent) post. This problem is exactly as u describe when the orange light came on I was fortunate enough to be near a Vaux dealer so popped it round the back and got a guy to plug a machine to the ECU, I was informed there were a series of error codes relating to the internal gearbox which Vauxhall nearly a week have yet to decipher (perhap cos I refused to pay!)

To cut a long story short I had a recon engine fitted last week and was informed that it was the gearbox that had caused this as it wasn't operating properly through the lower gears.

If the light comes on DO NOT use D mode to drive shift up and down thru 1,2,3 but only change to 1 when at a standstill.

Sorry to bum you out but having owned a 96 GLS auto 2.0 since last November I'm afraid the engine and gearbox seem to have a lot to answer foras does the idle speed control valve!!!

Omega engine warning light ? - svpworld
Had the fault diagnosed today after the car scared me to death during an overtaking manouevre (I kicked down to accelerate and the car surged as it dropped 3 gears!). Problem was a crankshaft sensor, now why doesnt that surprise me!

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