Omega Piston number 1 - Rosanbo
Anyone know of any problems with the 2.0 16v Ecotec engine. piston number 1 ?

my last engine had compressions (bar)

11, 18.5, 18.5, 18.5 (pistons 1,2,3,4)

2,3,&4 are eceptionally high?? whilst 1 being just a little bit low, the engine ran like a dog and I changed it

the new engine has

14, 16.5, 16.5, 16.5

So not as bad (and it runs fine) but still there is a noticeably similar pattern here.

I am the old engine so I won't really mind if the new one goes the same way as the old one
Omega Piston number 1 - David Lacey
Ignore the compression pressures, the variance between cylinders should be no more than 10%

A cylinder loss/leakage test* will show where the pressure is going.

* Professional Equipment required to do this test..

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