Another dumb MOT question - J Bonington Jagworth
I'm sure the answer to this is buried somewhere in the back-room, but I couldn't find it just now.

What are the rules regarding the cost of a re-test after repairs elsewhere (e.g. at home)? I seem to remember a two-week allowance, but was this official, or just at the garage's discretion? Howcome some advertise a free re-test, but others don't? Our repairs are trivial, but it would be pointless to do them at home if by so doing we had to pay another £40!

Another dumb MOT question - Hugo {P}
I think it's just garage discretion.

If they know funds are tight they may be prepared to work with you.

For example, I had a real problem with the rear brakes on my Trafic van recently. After the second attempt by another garage to fix the problem, the MOT station decided to try to fix it themselves at my request succeeded and chaged me an extra £5.

Strictly speaking, if the car leaves the premises to have the problem fixed, they should repeat the whole MOT test. However if the garage fixes the problem then obviously they know that the other bits are OK when they issue the certificate.

My advice is ask the MOT test station what their MOT costs are if you:

A have them fix it, or
B take it away and return it.

C = B-A

D Ask them also what it will cost for them to do all outsanding MOT work and deduct the cost of doing this yourself.

If C is greater than D then it would obviously pay you to have the MOT test station do the work for you.

Otherwise, make your own mind up depending on degree of hassle etc.

Another dumb MOT question - Doc
The official line is:

Retests (Re-Examinations):
If the vehicle stays at the test station which failed the vehicle, to be repaired No additional fee (Partial Re-Examination.)

If the vehicle is brought back to the same testing station and retested before the end of the next working day on one or more of the following items only No additional fee (Partial Re-Examination):

ABS Warning, Hazard Warning , Headlamp Aim, Rear Reflectors, Seats, Windscreen and Windsreen wipers/washers, Bootlid, Doors, Horn, Tailboard, VIN, Brake Pedal Antislip, Dropsides, Tailgate, Registration Plates, Steering Wheel, Emissions, Lamps, Loading Doors, Seat Belts (but not anchorages), Sharp Edges or Projections, Wheels and Tyres, Direction Indicators, Fuel Filler Cap, Mirrors.

Otherwise full fee.

Many garages will, however, give you a free re-test in 7/14 days.
Another dumb MOT question - martint123
Free re-tests may be a thing of the past when the new computerised system takes over. Whereas most garages will just have a quick look at the bit it failed on and if ok, pass it - the new system records how long each test takes and if they're supposed to do a complete re-test then it will show if they're taking shortcuts.
Another dumb MOT question - J Bonington Jagworth
Thank you all for prompt replies. I will call the garage in the morning and negotiate!

The "new computerised system" sounds like another government IT disaster in the making. When's it due to start?
Another dumb MOT question - Vansboy
It WAS due to start, just over 2 years ago, as I recall!


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