removing scuff mark from paintwork - looking4car
I scraped the side of my car against a wooden fence.

Fortunately the fence was not too well put together and there is no sign of any dents or scratches on the car.

Also, no sign of car paint on the wooden fence.

What I have are brown streaks along the side of the car. The edges of these marks came off with a damp cloth and bit of elbow grease with no signs of permanent damage.

What would be the best way of removing the heavier marks ?

Any ideas ?
removing scuff mark from paintwork - Doc
I have found that a good starting point is T-cut.
removing scuff mark from paintwork - Vansboy
Probably be OK with whatever polish/wax use.
Otherwise try some Mer polish as it's mildly abrasive.
If still no joy, use a cutting LIQUID similar to T-cut.I don't like T-cut, as it contains ammonia destroys the paint & makes me physically sick (sorry, too much informayion!!)

Just make sure theres no grit or dirt on the car or cloth, before you start.Don't want anymore scratches!!

removing scuff mark from paintwork - Marcos{P}
Just wash the affected area first and then polish it with a good polish. You may need to put in a fair bit of effort but this should shift the marks.
Depending on how well looked after your car is you may find yourself having to polish the whole car as the rest of it might look a bit dull afetrwards.
removing scuff mark from paintwork - Dwight Van Driver
Try a bit of liquid Brasso on the mark but do not rub too hard.

Plod car cleaner used to do this.

removing scuff mark from paintwork - looking4car

Hot water, a little shampoo a kitchen dishcloth and a LOT of elbow grease did the trick.

The marks have disappeared, there is the faintest of surface mark which will disappear when I next give the car a polish.

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